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    1st crack in the wall . . . Baker Mayfield won't bend the knee

    People are tired of all the division. Equality for all the way God made us. We are all Americans!
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    How pissed are you when this is over on Nov 4?

    When you have horrible ideas, a terrible track record and the media can’t pump enough propaganda out to cover for your crappy agenda anymore and the voters reject you .... resort to violence.
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    B1G is a conference of scared wimps - Sipple

    Huntered is dropping facts!
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    OT: Purple mattress/alternatives

    We have a Purple 4. Best bed we’ve ever owned by far. Tried 3 other mattresses before the Purple. That sucked... ordering them, trying them out and then Returning them. The Purple has held up pretty well. Have had it for about a 1 1/2 years and had a little bit of dip where we sleep but not bad...
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    New Commit

    I’m happy this young man is N and I wish him all the best! I hope he becomes a multi year starter and gets whatever degree he desires. But for me it’s hard to get get too excited about recruiting anymore with all of the decommits and transfer portal entries that happen every day.
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    Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren under scrutiny

    Sounds like he went with his political agenda to shut the season down. There needs to be an investigation and if he did, he needs to be fired immediately.
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    It is really beginning to sink-in

    Who cares.
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    Brett McMurphy: "Kevin Warren Jumped the Gun"

    When does Frost get an apology from National media wind bags that torched him? He mostly stood alone and got blasted and more and more people are realizing he was right. Just wait until October when we are several games into the successful season for the other conferences and how that’s going to...
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    Thomas Fidone is N!!

    This kid is a game changer. He will be a match up nightmare for DBs from day one! Love his athleticism but even more than that he seems like a good kid with a level head and a drive to be the very best. GBR!
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    Sir Yacht

    Or hiden Biden
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    After one week of classes Notre Dame already on lockdown

    How did they not think there would be outbreaks!!?? This is so idiotic. But we need to get kids back to campus and get their tuition money and then we can go to on-line...That’s the move.
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    Fidone - 8/26 Commitment Date?

    What about Mike McNeil from CO?
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    Fidone - 8/26 Commitment Date?

    Sounds like he will be N soon! Will be a huge commit and could have a ripple effect with others! I can't remember us ever landing a top rated TE recruit coming out of High School? Who was the highest rated TE recruit we've ever had? Mike McNeill? Johnny Mitchell?
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    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    Great point!
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    What if Danny Ross is right

    Spot on.
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    What if Danny Ross is right

    Too much money to walk away from in the BIG, plain and simple. No way we leave millions on the table to bolt to BIG12. I wish we would as it is probably a better fit but don’t see it happening.
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    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    Nov 4th can't come quickly enough.
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    Time for OPS to make a change?

    November 4th this charade ends.
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    Nov 4th it all goes away.