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    Lebron vs Covington

    Because he disagrees with the comment. The new definition of being a racist.
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    Urban Meyer compliments Frost, Huskers for 'swinging hard'

    What concerns me is Moos’ past comments. He is not expressing much confidence in the team with his words. He has been more timid in the past couple years after he saw the actual product. It certainly appears he does not believe this is a team that can win half the games it plays.
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    Quit whining, this schedule gives us character You know who else plays both Ohio State and Penn State this season? And Michigan? And in fact does it every season? Michigan State does. And Indiana. And Maryland. And Rutgers. Nebraska has spent the...
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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    No. We had a problem with the B12 and now we have a problem with the B1G. What is the common denominator? Time to start a movement - NSM - Nebraska Still Matters. We need other programs to pull back and level the playing field for us.
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    It is amazing how much credit he gives white people for essentially controlling black people for so many years. The only way for them to get out is for the white people to take their foot off the gas and give them a fighting chance. Terrible, weak, defeatist mentality. So when the white...
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    The solution to the problem is everyone else will need to change and become equally miserable. A growing percentage of a white people have been following the hip hop culture for the past several years and the results speak for themselves as the fastest growing poverty demographic. Question...
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    You didn’t answer my question earlier on who was considered white people when referring to white privilege. I will assume anybody who is not black, as this article only focuses on Black people, as all narratives suggest this demographic has the biggest challenge making it in America. I agree...
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    Is Nebraska still a Blue Blood program?

    Things SHOULD start to look up this season.
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    How did Asian Americans become the richest demographic? How did Indian Americans achieve a strong #2 position? Are they counted as white?
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    One in the same. The roadmap that other minority groups have followed is one that states that you get married first, then have a kid after you determine you are mature enough mentally and financially to do it. The black community has abandoned this and the result is a national special olympics...
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    Fox Sorts Radio

    Is Nebraska that pathetic that the conference has to pair us with weaklings to falsely build up our fragile self esteem? Apparently so. Sad, sad time to be a Husker fan.
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    Who do you consider white people?
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    Moos input on scheduling

    Sorry - but I hate this weak ass victim mentality. Went to a party last night in my Husker gear as usual and got a rash of shit about Nebraska whining about the schedule. A couple years ago, Moos and Frost were spouting their mouths off about how Nebraska was going to be a force to be...
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    You sound like one of those, “if so and so gets elected, I’m leaving the country” - yet they never do. So censor me now and live in your echo chamber. Maybe when the right person gets into office, you can send me and others on here to re-education camps, like other countries that implement...
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    Is Nebraska still a Blue Blood program?

    Do blue blood program AD’s whine about playing too many tough teams? Do blue blood program fan bases whine when paired up to compete with the best?
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    Your argument falls apart when you say minorities. It’s black people - hence BLACK Lives Matter. Not Asian, not Latino, not “fill in the blank. You claim white people have benefitted - but they have been surpassed by Asian Americans and Indian Americans. With your logic, those minority groups...
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    All white people, in addition to other minorities , must band together to help black people.
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    Look no farther then this position for this season and on....

    I agree, he can be incredible when he tries. My problem is him coasting last year when not being pushed. Says a lot about his character.
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    How should B1G coaches react . . . when players

    Yes, it is sarcasm, but if the anthem is the platform to grab attention for one cause, where do you draw the line?