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    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    I live in KC. While my Disdain for KSU has subsided substantially since we left the Big 12, basically KSU is the Big 12 version of Iowa. Only at least Iowa has a little more credibility and so far has proven To be a greater challenge/rival. KSU was just annoying with no real basis to back it up.
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    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    And even more so better than Iowa. Bugger off $h!t stain.
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    Freshman 4

    “And was that a niner I heard in there?” This is my thinking. Unless you’re a ”bubble” player, meaning MAYBE you get an extra look at the NFL because if an extra year of eligibility then what’s the point? Unless you’re playing for a national title, or getting another look at going pro...
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    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    In no particular order. Texas Miami Florida Michigan Iowa KState Colorado Missouri
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    Quit whining, this schedule gives us character

    Amen. I’m sick of excuses and whining about schedules, etc. Just win. Nobody was bitching when we were playing multiple top 10 teams in 1995. We just went out and took care of business. If we ever want to gain respect and try to rise back to the top we need schedules like this one. Don’t...
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    Oct. 24 Start

    I would say another reason is that it is about as close as possible to a potential vaccine release date. I’ve heard from multiple sources, including the doctors who do the daily Covid briefing here locally at KU Med, that late October/early November is when a vaccine could be available. While...
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    ABC local news in Minneapolis confirms announcement today

    Just got an alert from ESPN saying the same thing. Announcement expected this morning.
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    How pissed are you when this is over on Nov 4?

    AMEN! I’m a conservative Christian. I voted for Trump in 2016. For the life of me I don’t understand the “this will be over in November” line of thought. So every country, friend and foe, bought into and conspired with the DNC for the sole purpose of bringing down one man who must face...
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    TDF fantasy team

    nope. No clue. I can honestly say I’ve never once spent more than the time it takes to push the next channel button watching any bicycle race ever. The idea of watching a bicycle race is about as exciting as watching paint dry or grass grow.
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    Best cover songs of all time

    Metallica Turn The Page. Bob Seger gave the lyrics and Metallica gave the teeth.
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    Best cover songs of all time

    love Shinedown’s version of Simple Man. Great cover.
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    Best Husker Win that Wasn't a Natty

    I’m 39 so my memories really begins in the late ‘80’s/early 90’s. But 2001 OU has to be up there. That throw from Stuntz to Crouch pretty much sealed the Heisman for Crouch. 2009 OU would be up there too. That game propelled us to the CCG that year.
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    June 11, 8 Bama football players with Covid...

    Joe Diffie is a pretty famous country music star who died of COVID complications back in March. Herman Cain, who ran for president back in 2012, died about 2 weeks ago of COVID. Not sure of any professional athletes, but I do know one of the Boston Red Sox pitchers has been placed on the IR...
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    Alabama players that tested positive...

    This. More and more studies are showing that while young people are asymptomatic or have very mild cases, they are presenting with lung and heart damage. While we have no idea as to the long term prognosis, potential permanent lung and heart damage could have fatal consequences later.
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    Not sure it’s on a plate more now for NU to rejoin big 12

    So what? The Big Ten is just sitting on a big pile of money like Scrooge McDuck?
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    Not sure it’s on a plate more now for NU to rejoin big 12

    This is 2016-2017 reporting, but $10 billion in funded research. More than Ivy League and California research systems combined. $10 BILLION in a single year. While it’s not divided equally, if it was that would equate to over $714 million a year. That’s almost 13 times what football brings...
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    Interesting map

    I think seasons will start and end fairly quickly. Last I saw, cases in kids under 18 have gone up 115% in the past 7-10 days as schools have re-opened. It’s only going to accelerate as schools and colleges open up across the country. College campuses will have cases develop very quickly. If...
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    Not sure it’s on a plate more now for NU to rejoin big 12

    You and every other person in America that cares, including NU fans, need to get it through your heads that this isn’t just about football. If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a hundred times. NU is first and foremost an institution of higher education. While football may have been the...
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    I'm sorry. The SI article nails Nebraska

    I didn’t make it through the whole article. Most of what I read was irrelevant butt hurt.