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  1. huskerfan1414

    OT:Jake Gardner found

    Bingo. this was mob rule, plain and simple.
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    Practice Schedule / Articles

    They’re completely competent. You’re looking at this as if Warren and the presidents WANT to play football. Once you realize their true intent you see how competent they really are.
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    Husker fans prepare yourselves for this scenario

    I’ll be surprised if the big ten plays a third of their season with the current parameters. Those will need to change.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    FFS...compromise to dems simply means we get what we want and you dont. Fill the seat immediately. It should be done tomorrow. 2016 was an election and trump won, partly for this reason. Senate is republican, partly for this reason. SCOTUS candidates and backing the prez on SCOTUS is part of...
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    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    How do y’all find land to hunt at? I have a spot that I like but its a little drive....but it seems like all the land around me is either being hunted by the locals or paid for from dudes from omaha who come out and pay money for it. Anyone ever actually just go knocking anymore?
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    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    God said dont kill animals? If by killing for sport you mean shooting a deer and leaving it there, I agree with you. Thats wrong, and it should always be punished.
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    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    When I kill a deer, theres more to it than killing a deer. You dont understand it, so you assume the worst. I cannot explain it to you. I need to hunt, I was created to hunt. Also, that deer is a lot cheaper than my half of a beef. Considering I can butcher the deer myself, and also...
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    Thank you Husker Nation...

    If covid did anything, it should prove to osu, etc who the REAL NU is in the big ten.
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    It honestly has gotten to that point.
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    Calm down people. The schedules arent even out yet. I just wanna play.
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    Am I misreading? (Theres no chance we play).

    If they actually play, it means no one on the team gets covid. You ignored my post. Even you have to admit 21 days and 5% is absurd. Im sure your “admit wrong” standards apply to yourself as well.
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    It gets nasty cold up north in December. Will games be played....

    Absolutely. Its best watched in the snow, Too.
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    Disagree with what he”s saying about white privilege, etc. I think he’s misguided and is being fed some bull... Having said that, I’m glad he’s doing it this way and not during the game. This is the way to do it.
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    DYLAN McCaffrey in transfer portal.

    He always looked good when I saw him play.
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    Nebraska-ization of the Big Ten

    Wow. What an ass clown.
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    Larry Frost

    RIP. God bless him and them.
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    Who do you credit for B1G restarting football?

    It was a collective effort, but it starts and ends with Scott Frost and Nebraska. Frost and Nebraska are getting mad props all over the league, social media, and in sports media other than espn/pat forde.
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    It gets nasty cold up north in December. Will games be played....

    It better damn well be outside. And let me in that stadium. Football was meant to be played outside. Basketball is already played inside. And bring back grass.
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    He has spoken plenty. Omaha world herald isnt exactly hidden. Why do I bother. Hows this for an answer....if you add up all the minutes that have passed since he has last held a national press conference, it would be about equal to the number of minutes you have spent thinking about him over...
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    Am I misreading? (Theres no chance we play).

    This could be painting with a broad brush