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    Kudos to the BIG RED machine.

    Ya mama..
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    2022 QB Offer: Gavin Wimsatt (Owensboro, Kentucky)

    If he signs will he be praised as perhaps the greatest Husker QB ever without playing a single game and annointed starter by the coaching staff or will he have to earn his stripes on the field thru blood, sweat and years....
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    The Best Year BY a Husker Since Pelini?

    And they weren't doing sh!t under Klownahan and Cosgrove either just like the rest of the defense.....
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    BTN tonight

    Was at this game.....very rainy day! So many psyched-out lunatic diehard Georgia fans krazy, chanting and loud as sh!t! Alot of Husker fans made the trip and represented although they can't compete with the druen rowdiness of southern teams. Best feeling I had at a game was when Bo Pelini took...
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    Latrell Neville Commits to Nebraska!

    You are absolutely correct! If I remember correctly at least one recruiting service had Niles as damn near a 5 star at one point!
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    Marcel Brooks enters portal

    Well you could take that short-sited approach to get a few laughs on here, but that would mean ALL the transfers, transfer pool, defections, players who quit, got kicked off the team or never showed up in Lincoln the last couple years "didn't like" Frost, Lubick or Chinander right?? Yea I'm...
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    LB Decommits

    Nah I thing we can go somewhere in don't have to back THAT FAR. I'm thinking more like from Coach Bo Pelini 2008-2014 standards minimum. 9 to 10 wins every year and 3 conference title game appearances. Even with a few bad losses to Wisconsin I don't EVER remember the amount of...
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    Ronald Thompkins

    Well how bout this.....that shows how much talent is in Georgia as UGA still had a Top 3 recruiting class nationally. In that state you can't get them all cuz it's too much talent. In other words that's ONE school has more talent coming out yearly than the ENTIRE state of Nebraska will have...
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    Isaiah Newcombe

    Well his dad and former Husker Bobby Newcombe was a big time recruit for us. I believe would have been a Husker legend at QB, but I digress. He's also the Head Coach at Casteel High in the Phoenix area. Was State Champs 3 years ago. I'm sure they have talent coming out of there and I can't...
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    Will you travel to Minnie to watch the Huskers....?

    Where are all the radical left-wing activist that permeate this board at to answer for this.....HAPPY NOW??!
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    Latrell Neville

    What's krazy is that Rivals is showing that he is at Alabama on his first official visit right now....
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    As long as Avanti Dickerson is one decommit they have this year and he chooses Big Red I'll be extremely happy!!
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    BTN Tonight

    Is this true??? Lol
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    Big 10 Bias Against UNL?

    Ummm.....if you want to talk conspiracy ALL you have to do is look at the scheduling Nebraska has had since the last realignment! Forget the ref talk, compare NU's cross conf schedule to Iowa's, Minni, Wiscy and the's obvious they had it out for Big Red since day one and it ain't...
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    Nebraska vs. Penn State on BTN. Couple of observations...

    Ah hogwash stop lying....those 27 players in 2013 had to be 6th year seniors Callahan recruited!! ! Bo couldn't recruit....haven't you heard???
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    Demetrius Davis

    That is a HUUUGE difference and I don't blame Davis for not wanting to be apart of that and I don't blame Frost for doing what he thought he had to do to win some games. Hopefully this year the passing gets better and the offense looks more appealing to new QB recruits.
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    Demetrius Davis

    That maybe accurate that's why in my post I said the offense has to have good efficiency and QB play THIS YEAR. I don't Frost wants a QB that runs the ball on designed plays more than 9-10 times a game. I don't have the numbers but I'm sure it was way more designed runs in 2019 than '18...
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    Demetrius Davis

    This is the QB I wanted from day one and thought Nebraska would get. Didn't want Costeli at all. Hopefully he waits til the season to commit (if there is one) and Nebraska has good offensive efficiency, QB play and WINS some damn games...
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    Keegan Johnson

    Some people are kool aid drinkers so bad that I'm starting to see how Jim Jones was able to do what he did. People are blindly faithful and overtly brainwashed for no rhyme or reason. In a state where there are only 4 or so power 5 conference material type players it's bad enough if 1 decides...