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    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    Nobody’s driving a Tesla because it’s saving the planet. They’re just trying to look cool.
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    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    They can have my gas engine when they pry it from my cold dead hand
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    Will we see 8 games for everyone in the Big Ten?

    How many times will they attempt to reschedule before a game is cancelled? Does the team that has the infections forfeit or is it just considered no game?
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    Husker fans prepare yourselves for this scenario

    At what point does a team forfeit a game? 1st time it get rescheduled and then what if they can't play the rescheduled game?
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    Florida and Ohio High School football

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    Practice Schedule / Articles

    I bet Warren and the rest of them that don’t want to play are in a pad once a month
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    News flash: Politicians say and do what's best for them when they can and fight against the same when it's the other side
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    We Called It!!!

    Maybe the B1G is getting back at Day by scheduling us first
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    We Called It!!!

    Did anyone opt out from OSU or PSU?
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    Rashod Bateman not playing this year due to covid

    I’m positive that any guys that opted out and want back in will be approved. It’s 2020. Anything goes.
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    2020 CFB Roadtrip (video)

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    Am I misreading? (Theres no chance we play).

    Are positive results self reported? Can't we just say we have zero?
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    At least we still get to beat Iowa
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    Moos Should Allow Fans

    Only if it's Thunderstruck
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    Moos Should Allow Fans

    75% empty
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    We are Back!! (Pretty Cool Video from HuskerFBNation)

    "Total population at risk" shouldn't include anyone under 80
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    So what's our schedule?

    At Ohio State 7 times in a row and then at Penn State
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    Oct. 24 Start

    Where's the darn schedule already??????? Winking
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    We are Back!! (Pretty Cool Video from HuskerFBNation)