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  1. RedCap

    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    2035 is so far off that a million things will have changed by then. Right now I'm just worried about getting through 2020.
  2. RedCap

    If you could restructure the B1G divisions, how would you do it

    Wouldn't do it. I hope we learned our lessons with the failed Leaders and Legends attempt. East vs. West divisions are fine because that's they way the conference is geographically spread out.
  3. RedCap

    OT - grand jury

    None of us are privy to the information presented to the Grand Jury so we're not in a position to evaluate their decision one way or the other. Let the system do its job.
  4. RedCap

    So is EVERY player on campus now?

    Couldn't agree more about the WR group. It's NOT thin, but yes it's INEXPERIENCED. It will only be "thin" if there are defections, injuries or Covid-19 gets us. That could happen but right now we are not thin at the position. And don't forget there are some TE's.
  5. RedCap

    Practice Schedule / Articles

    Good Lord. Can't put on pads until the 30th? Have these teams been asleep and never have played football before. The B1G is totally incompetent with Warren. Warren needs to get the boot pronto IMO.
  6. RedCap

    Medical bio chip to detect covid-19 etc

    You can't get more than half the people to even get a vaccination, let alone a microchip implant. I doubt even 1% would comply. But the reality is that there's things much more worrisome already in place so I wouldn't be worrying about microchips (except maybe those you had placed in your pets)...
  7. RedCap

    Avante Dickerson

    Minnesota hasn't come off especially well during this B1G Covid crisis - could hurt their recruiting.
  8. RedCap

    Medical bio chip to detect covid-19 etc

    OK, thanks for the link. There are some interesting implications down the road for the future but personally I think they are well beyond the timeframe of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  9. RedCap

    Medical bio chip to detect covid-19 etc

    Rather cryptic statement so I don't know what that means. Do you have a link to an article describing it and its potential uses?
  10. RedCap

    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    Honestly money will win out over incompetent leadership. Warren will be fired if he doesn't get his act together. When the pandemic is over, the money is flowing again. If anything that was reinforced by the fan displeasure of having the season cancelled. In the end it's the fan enthusiasm...
  11. RedCap

    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    NO! Where would we go? Back to the Big 12 to take unrelenting abuse from Texas? We're damn lucky to be where we are in these uncertain times.
  12. RedCap

    Fox Sorts Radio

    I think there always has been a bias against Nebraska, not really new but just reinforced. The B1G enjoys sticking it to Nebraska because of the program history.
  13. RedCap

    Any Ideas for How Fans can Support the Huskers on Game Day?

    Since the B1G has banned any and all fan events on campus during game day, are there any clever ideas on how fans can support the team? In the other thread I suggested off campus tailgating, a Pinnacle TV watch site for the game (assuming Pinnacle isn't considered to be on campus), other TV...
  14. RedCap

    Fans in the stands

    You also have to wonder if they will be able to show live video of fans on the scoreboard in Memorial Stadium throughout the home games. I think that would be a big morale boost for the players.
  15. RedCap

    Fans in the stands

    I suspect some enterprising person will arrange to have tailgating somewhere off campus if not the University itself. Is Pinnacle technically on or off campus. Could even be a TV watch party there for the game if it is not considered to be on campus property. Could also arrange for a TV viewing...
  16. RedCap

    Fans in the stands

    Yes, the word is that's one of the ways the B1G found to punish Bill Moos for his arrogance in challenging the conference powers that be - ie., no fans allowed. That will teach Nebraska they reasoned. That and hoping to humiliate the Nebraska football team in its first two games with blowout...
  17. RedCap

    We Called It!!!

    The B1G probably is scheduling some of the biggest games first thinking that later games may get cancelled due to the virus infecting teams.
  18. RedCap


    Well you can start the conversation with "where's the schedule?" Thought it was supposed to be out by the end of the week. Guess they're gonna wait until tomorrow. B1G under Warren is as inefficient as it gets IMO.
  19. RedCap

    No more politics ... now that conference football is back

    Dream on. Politics somehow enter most of the threads even when there is no near term election. So good luck right before an upcoming presidential election. Doesn't matter which side you're on. RollingLaugh
  20. RedCap

    This may be a first

    News flash - Joe Paterno is dead. Don't think he is in a position to win any more football games.