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  1. Bugeater

    Gale Sayers the Kansas Comet passes away at 77

    An absolute great, on and off the field.
  2. Bugeater

    DC vs Marvel

    I’ll go with a Mighty Mouse and Underdog!
  3. Bugeater

    Opening with Ohio State

    Might as well see how you stack up right out of the gate, I hope we don’t see a debacle against them like last year.
  4. Bugeater

    Need size of the N on side of full size football helmet.

    Is your wife disappointed? ;)
  5. Bugeater

    Robert Kraft set to get off

  6. Bugeater

    Opening with Ohio State

    Let's get some early cheer leading going here:
  7. Bugeater

    Opening with Ohio State

    A few years ago, Nebraska went into Ohio State and gave them all they wanted, no reason they can't do that again, get into the mindset that you can beat them and see what happens.
  8. Bugeater

    Mr Ronald Delancy changes his number to inside

    Reminds me of something else:
  9. Bugeater

    Positives for the season

    Let's be positive on those negatives!
  10. Bugeater

    Fox Sorts Radio

    We know what will cure all this shit, win 6 or 7 games this year and shut them up. Nebraska HAS the talent, in my opinion, time for Frost and Co. to get it going.
  11. Bugeater

    Is Nebraska still a Blue Blood program?

    Actually Pennsy, on paper, Nebraska the past three recruiting classes (2018, 19, 20 per Rivals) has averaged right at top 16 and is well within PSU and Michigan talent range. I know that doesn't count for much, but honestly, that means Nebraska isn't very far behind those programs in talent...
  12. Bugeater

    Look no farther then this position for this season and on....

    Season also hinges on defense and special teams, big time. But the QB situation has two really good athletes with tons of upside, we will see where the chips fall.
  13. Bugeater

    SIAP. Did they ever find Ralph Brown?

    As of an update I read today, he is still missing.
  14. Bugeater

    To be the best.....

    Nebraska wasn't too far from actually winning 4 more games in 2019, the mistakes in both coaching and playing have to be cut to the bare minimum if this team expects big things to happen in an 8 game schedule. We shall see what happens.
  15. Bugeater

    To be the best.....

  16. Bugeater

    NAVY, wow!

    Down 24-0, comes back and gets the walk off FG, fun to watch.
  17. Bugeater

    We Called It!!!

    Seems as though someone's brain has been vacated out of his head, don't believe the vast majority here care if a team was "given" a win as opposed to "earning" it.
  18. Bugeater

    To be the best.....

    When teams like App State and Louisiana are ranked but Nebraska isn't, you know you have your work cut out to get back to relevancy.
  19. Bugeater


    You would hope not. Lots of work to be done in all three phases, but ST's really stuck out last season.