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    Could Nebraska still opt to have a season?

    Just curious. Could Nebraska still opt to play ball and play all non-conference games (and Iowa)?
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    Time for OPS to make a change?

    What is the consequence if a team lets an ineligible player play anyway? Forfeit?
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    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    162,000 deaths / 4,980,000 cases = 0.0325 or 3.25% Im not stating any opinion or telling you where I stand on this. Just completely objective numbers.
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    JD Spielman

    Read “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. JD didn’t want to be on the bus. That’s fine.
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    Breaking: Nebraska target announces decision...

    His stride, cuts, and body type remind me of LP. Not saying he’s LP, I’m just saying that it’s the first comp that came to mind.
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    Last 2020 Football Scholly

    I’m predicting Ta’Zhawn Henry ends up a Husker. Not sure which class that effects.
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    Oil at -37 a barrel

    This is what comes to mind. Classic episode.
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    Next Commit ?

    Yulkeith Brown
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    Trey Sermon in portal

    Have seen a lot of transfer portal posts this offseason. Zero action. Maybe decision makers inside the program feel we are loaded across the board.
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    Marvin Scott III

    Yeah, Marvin Scott has a bright future.
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    Of COURSE Jacobson playing well...

    Jordy is getting minutes for #5 Dayton as well
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    Walk-on or Scholarship for 2020

    And Wyatt Mazour, Josh Davis, Zach Zenner?
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    Could Zach Evans be Frosts 1st 5 star?

    Zach Evans will probably come to Nebraska when Joe Brady gets hired as the offensive coordinator. I heard that he really liked the way Brady utilized Edwards-Helaire at LSU and thinks Brady will use him the same way at Nebraska. Why is this even a thread?
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    Chiefs - Titans

    Chiefs can run. Chiefs barely run. They average 4.3 ypc, which is average. Williams is a capable back. That isn’t their game.
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    Chiefs - Titans

    Grew up with the Chiefs. Steve DeBerg Christian Okoye Barry Word Harvey Williams Derrick Thomas and Neal Smith Dan Saleamua Kimble Anders To the Trent Green era with Priest, Dante Hall, Dwayne Bowe, Tony G., Donnie Edwards all these years have been great. As a long time Chiefs fan, it doesn’t...
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    ‘20 WR- Kris Abrams-Draine

    I just watched the entirety of his film. In a 5 and a half minute video, he did not get tackled once. Primarily zone read and power read plays. This kid is an athlete.
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    ‘20 WR- Kris Abrams-Draine

    Visiting this weekend. I believe he is a teammate of Jimari Butler teammate. Kid is electric. Most of his reel is at QB, but will play WR in college. His clips are filled with long runs. Gotta like the chances.
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    ‘21 prospect: DB - Derek Spearman II

    Recently offered. 6’3” DB