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    Nobody cares lol
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    We Called It!!!

    Watching okie stste they are about half full it seems.. will the big follow
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    New O/U Win Total Set at 3.5

    3/4 first games are with the 3 best teams in our conference.. depends on the mental toughness of this team on the back end. I will say over with wins over northwestern ill purdue iowa minn and maybe an upset.. this team could win 5 or 6 just glad they are playing
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    Why dont you go support them will not be missed by anyone
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    Fantasy football

    I had it last year the clear #1 was Saquon..and i am a Giants fan so i went with him.. shouldve taken Mcaffery.. this year its reversed so i would absolutely have 0 prob taken Barkley again..
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    Supposed to be game week

    That wasnt what you all were saying when he put a travel ban on china before anybody ever thought of it in the world.. thats leadership.. and he was called a racist for it.. now he hasnt done enough.. you all believe your own dribble.i will absolutely agree with your last statement tho
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    Fastest Player on the Field

    Ron kellogg after the hail mary to westercamp lol
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    Thomas Fidone question....

    I agree with you about his hands and agility..but by far his route running is what seperates him from any other te in the country at his age.. simply amazing how he cuts
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    “We’re f*ckin Nebraska”

    i think at a minimum it gives me an opportunity to say well done here huskerfan.... well done
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    Parents of student athletes at tOSU

    does that mean we can riot there now? Or is this a boring peaceful protest..cuz i will help burn that place down with em Lol
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    Naming rights for Memorial Stadium?

    I could see us cellular step up.
  12. yunginsNU2

    Thomas Fidone is N!!

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    A little levity to keep it all in perspective

    Thanks for sharing pics of the new house tuco lol
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    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    Dudes going to Ku...
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    Sir Yacht

    Man...Mary Ann> Ginger All Day
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    Picked up a transfer...

    Welcome aboard
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    Almost 3 Million People will die in U.S in 2020

    Remind me again is it the same Harris that said some supporting things about sleepy joe basement biden.. and got a whopping 2% support for president.. your laughable and we cant wait for a debate with these.. the american people will see the difference
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    Oliver Martin from Iowa is in the transfer portal now too.

    That would be 2 former 4 star scholly hawkeyes to walk on withus... absolutely awesome if it happens
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    Name one stock to buy

    Mee too.. it moves quite a bit.. i was down about 17% but held it and it came back to give me a small profit in one day.. this one scares me as well but i too am watching it closely
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    Back to the Big 12?

    They couldnt make it.. they had an appointment with alabama georgia clemson..their that good..stacked