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    Kansas onside kick

    Never knew that...thought it could be reviewed. Thanks!
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    Kansas onside kick

    Stayed up late and watched the game. I agree with you, KU got jobbed on that call. It was a Sun Belt crew. I think the offside call was on the guy standing closest to the kicker. He didn't cross the line until well after the ball was kicked. Not sure why that play wasn't reviewed.
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    Ragin Cajuns take the lead.

    Visited a friend who teaches at U-LA-LA. Also visited a drive-thru bar. It was like ordering fast food. The lady at the window taped a lid on each cup and told us not to drink until we got home.
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    College Football has begun!!

    "Let's go pee!"
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    SVP to B1G: "Have fun playing for a pig trophy while other schools play for a title."

    "pig trophy" -- how appropriate that the hogeyes play for it
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    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    I bet Kelly Phelps would nominate John Ruud.
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    After one week of classes Notre Dame already on lockdown

    Michigan State announced today that their classes would be on-line (distance based) this fall.
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    Best #12 in Husker history

    Very sad. Had not heard of his passing. That's too young to die.
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    Best #11 in Husker history

    Cethan Carter? Matt "the Terminator" Turman? Jeff Quinn?
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    Best #13 in Husker history

    I'm old enough to remember Steve Runty and Dave the Dealer. Did not remember that Runty wore #13. A great thing about this daily thread is that it brings back some great memories. Thank you!
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    OT: Who recommended CytoDyn as a stock pick?

    Some stocks may be over-valued, but debt and savings alternatives are not offering much return. Amazon issued some 10-year bonds in June with a 1.50 percent coupon. The bond owner gets $15 a year in interest until maturity. Toronto Dominion issued some 5-year bonds with a 1.15 percent coupon...
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    POLL: Your interest in sports in general

    It's nice to have some sports back. Enjoyed the Pens - Canadians last night. Will watch some baseball and the FedEx - St. Jude this afternoon. Years ago I went to "pro-am" day the day before the FedEx tournament started. Enjoyed following Payne Stewart and John Daly that day, and their...
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    Wilford Brimley, RIP

    Liked him in "The Firm," one of my favorite movies. He played the security director for the law firm.
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    Hot Air Balloon in Omaha. Story?

    maybe somebody caught on to the drones, so "they" switched to balloons...
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    Hot Air Balloon in Omaha. Story?

    Dorothy's return?
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    Stupid Reds...

    I see Bubba Starling got in the game today. Alex Gordon was 0 for 3.
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    34 days: Best #34 in Husker history

    A lot of great/good 34s. I'll mention another DB ... Andy Means.
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    Online Algebra Classes in Mississippi

    Greek lives matter!
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    Joseph is N!!!

    Boom! Welcome aboard.
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    Special Teams return men

    Does Santino Panico have another year of eligibility?