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    What are Huskers are getting with Jonathan Rutledge as our special teams analyst....GBR

    Who will handle KOs? An occasional touchback would be a blessing
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    Denying human right? Trump and the evangelical base would beg to differ. There is a reason we consider him God’s chosen one.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    Need four to flip. NO WAY that happens. McConnell doesn’t need her but will get her votes once Trump allies pressure. Even Romney knows this is too good to pass up to rid our country of abortion and same sex marriage. Two items near and dear to our president.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    McConnell will have her seat filled before the election. That is his legacy and he will get it done. Collins, Murkowski, Grassley, Graham have all stated in the past they would not confirm a late term nominee. ALL will cave to the power of Trump with a record speed confirmation.Once the Libs...
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    Oct. 24 Start

    Does this mean 6 division games and two crossovers? Am curious to see who were draw for those two games vs what Wiscy and Minny get. B1G West Crossovers (1st Schedule) Nebraska: OSU, Penn St, Michigan St, and Rutgers Iowa: Maryland, Penn St, Michigan St, and Ohio St Wisconsin: Maryland...
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    COVID Strategy

    Same way i caught chicken pox as a child. Neighbor got it during the summer and Mom had me spend the day at his house and drinking out of his cup. Worst summer ever but my mother controlled the situation and avoided me missing any school.
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    Losers gonna lose

    I’ll take a shitty loss right now over being in a coward conference
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    Best #1 in Husker history

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    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    The Smiling Assassin! That comment was George Darlington when he coached the DEs prior to moving to DBs in the mid 80s
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    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    First one that came to mind was Toby Wright. Always looked like he wore lineman shoulder pads.
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    Least Surprising Headline: Police called to break up wild party of 100+ college students in Lincoln

    Telling college aged kids not to party is as realistic as having them abstain from sex. Good in theory but not going to happen.
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    Flu shot

    It's free with my insurance and get it when I get them for my sons. Both play basketball and dont want anything to screw up their seasons (see 96 Big 12 Championship Game). Got the flu about 15 years ago and havent got it since I started getting one.
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    Warren addresses Nebraska

    In other words, it's a huge shit sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite.
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    Question for fans who see games at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln

    Went to all of them. It's Nebraska and it's what we do. For me it's quality time with my father to spend something we love/enjoy. Commute was only from Omaha so gas prices were never a consideration.
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    BTN replay of '82 Penn State game

    Wasn’t the 82 Penn St team the first national champ to throw for more yards than running. Start of a new age of football
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    BTN replay of '82 Penn State game

    Dave Schneider started out the following season as the kicker but soon lost his job to Livingston after a few misses
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    Summer Lifting tweets 07-14-2020

    I realize Walker was hurt last season but always thought he was better suited as a OT than a DT based on seeing him play several times at Lincoln East.
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    OT: John Riggins 30 for 30

    When did that come out? Sounds interesting. The NFL Network did a Football Life on him several years ago as well