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  1. tarheelhusker

    Robert Kraft set to get off

    Robert, get those rocks off!
  2. tarheelhusker

    Lebron vs Covington

    I’d like to see lebron‘s legs taken out. TIMBER!((((( !!!
  3. tarheelhusker

    OT:Jake Gardner found

    Mob mentality won out. Next up, winning the ghetto lottery. 12 mil to Taylor’s family and Louisville will still burn. Taxpayers will still pay. Rinse and repeat. All this wokeness, pandering, re-writing history, & empty promises aren’t going to change a thing.
  4. tarheelhusker

    OT:Jake Gardner found

    I have a bad habit of not proofreading my posts...only to read later aoutofill, auto correct or a fat finger figured they know best. Bastages!
  5. tarheelhusker


    I can take in Fred & Lamont but that’s it!
  6. tarheelhusker

    OT:Jake Gardner found

    RIP Marine. Troubles no more. Thank you for serving our country.
  7. tarheelhusker


    It just ain’t workin’.
  8. tarheelhusker


    orclover, ...”Unless Jesus was pro-corporate, anti-snowflake, pro-nationalist, and pro-"heritage". Safe to say he was a socialist. “I’ve got the will Lord, if You’ve got the toe.”
  9. tarheelhusker

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    RBG gone.
  10. tarheelhusker


    Still no ideas on why any person would stay in such a racist country? I’ll tell ya why people want to come to this country and stay here. America is the best damn country in the world. Freedom. With all our faults we are the best.
  11. tarheelhusker


    He’s a useful idiot for the marxists. He cant think for himself. If my country, the good ol’ USA is world renown as racist, explain why people want to come here, flock here. Explain why people don’t leave. I’m still waiting for the Hollywood phonies to leave, as they promised if the Orange man...
  12. tarheelhusker

    Larry Frost

    Rest In Peace coach. Now, reunited with your teammates. Rest easy.
  13. tarheelhusker

    OT: Denver Nuggets, WOW!

    I signed in just to give likes to: res dog, leodisflowers, HBK, & OzzyLvr.
  14. tarheelhusker

    I've got a great corona virus joke...

  15. tarheelhusker

    I've got a great corona virus joke...

    I need a Henny Youngman drum roll for youse guys.
  16. tarheelhusker

    College GameDay

    Screen left to Kirk in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !
  17. tarheelhusker

    343 Never Forget

  18. tarheelhusker

    Good Gawd

    I’ve seen a lot of truly bad acting in all my years and Kirk, yours rivals the great Edward G. As Dathan in the 10 Commandments. “Where’s your Messiah now?” Hmm? See?
  19. tarheelhusker

    Good Gawd

    Buckle up Kirk and start giving back to the community if you’re sincere. Ps...your acting is atrocious. For Gods sake, get ahold of yourself.
  20. tarheelhusker

    Best cover songs of all time

    From 1967.