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    Lebron vs Covington

    I respect your opinion but totally disagree that it's been awesome. Most of these posts aren't rational discussions but just more of the "in your face" extremism that once accepted as normal, never goes away.
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    Lebron vs Covington

    Good luck to the mods EVER getting this trash hole back to being a football board.
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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    I meant Nebraska in the most encompassing possible interpretation. Fans, administrators, players, coaches.... whatever. But yes, especially the fans.
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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    Amen. Nebraska needs to STFU about the schedule and play football.
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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    Everyone loves to hate on Nebraska, it's cool. I get a hell of a laugh how all of you lady-parts fainted and demanded we apologize for leading the charge to actually play football. And now that your anonymous crappy program that literally no one cares about one way or the other gets to play...
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    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    I don't visit other teams message boards. Can anyone tell me, are we the biggest bunch of whiners in the country or are we pretty much on par with everyone else?
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    We Called It!!!

    Love it. Let's play some effin football.
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    Ok, let's speculate on who will step up to be our 3rd WR

    I'm really curious to see if the Falck kid might be a good surprise.
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    How should B1G coaches react . . . when players

    This board has literally been ruined by gas bags like the OP. He has zero interest in football discussions, he's here for the politics 100%. The worst thing that ever happened here was opening up the political BS. I don't mind a political discussion, but we've been overrun by cockroaches that...
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    I think we'll be undefeated after Frost gives the, "okay, now that we're playing don't make me look like an asshole and let Desmond Howard laugh at us" motivational speech. Seriously though, I hope the team has a chip on it's shoulder based on the disrespect we were shown when this went down...
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    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    I'm not into hunting. But I like cheeseburgers so I try not to judge.
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    Wan’dale Robinson’s Twitter video he released today and more....links inside.

    I like our guy, but I can't quite get over the fact Indiana has a guy who loves Whoppers so much he goes by Whop. He certainly showed Nebraska where the beef was last year.
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    OT: Summer to Winter in just a few hours!

    Sounds great, I hope you do it!
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    OT: Summer to Winter in just a few hours!

    I love it. We needed a cool down!
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    OT: Watch where you swing that racket!

    I don't follow tennis very close but it seems he has a rep as a giant d-bag. Guessing they're tired of his act.
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    POS Holtz receives a worthless award...

    I agree with you for the most part. A guy like Holtz though, he firmly inserted himself into politics, didn't he? So I doubt if he's sweating anyone judging him based on his politics, he asked for it.
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    T. Fidone 9/4/20 results

    The I-29 Classic!
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    ex-gopher tyrone carter goes off on minnesota...

    I'm joking guys. All I'm saying is it's ubiquitous. Old ladies. Bankers. Black guys. Gay women. Little kids. Housewives in the Hy Vee parking lot. The battle is lost, society is mean, crass and profane.
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    ex-gopher tyrone carter goes off on minnesota...

    I hope you're not assigning that attribute to any particular group, party or race. I think more than any other single thing, the F word unites us all in it's ability to cross lines and break barriers.
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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    I knew a lawyer exactly like that. I was in practice in a rural area for 18 year, and I dealt with his nuisance bullcrap a lot. The truth was, every judge in every county I practiced in lived to make his life difficult. Literally no one like him, and while he was definitely a pain in the ass he...