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    Par for the course. CNN, Hillary, Dementia Joe, Pelosi, etc.....God help us.
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    TCU Hornfrogs 2020 depth chart for ISU....

    Yeah, just as you mention that could happen to anybody occasionally but that imo happened way, wayyy to often with him. But then, maybe that happened only because he knew our special teams were incredibly horrible beyond belief and won't block anybody? I don't know.....
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    Asian women are bloody terrific!
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    Johnny C trolls sleepy Joe...33 years ago. LOL...

    Dementia Joe is the ultimate Dim. There's lots of good reasons for that.
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    So is EVERY player on campus now?

    Amen!!! Please, please, please let that be true.
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    Preseason 3 deep please

    Wow.....what an excellent post. Nothing makes me a happier camper than reading big, ugly animals on our OLine is ready to explode. YES!!
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    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    Haha.....I hear ya. For me, I could "never" get tired of beating the Puffs. Getting to be an old geezer, I also don't massively hate anybody except Colorado & Texass.
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    So is EVERY player on campus now?

    You betcha sir! I too think/hope he's on the right road. What helps me a lot was seeing last year how our Oline turned around being marginal (at best) to fairly good. Now that we're returning them all "and" have some other big uglies ready to roll.....well, that gives me boatloads of hope. I...
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    So is EVERY player on campus now?

    Good job Huskerssalts! Yes, you can bet the ranch that there's nothing wrong about seeing the Huskers come back to where they absolutely belong. Again, you "both" post damn good NU insights that I enjoy. So everything is ok...have fun!!
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    So is EVERY player on campus now?

    C'mon Tuco & Huskerssalts, you're "both" as sharp as a whip. Why not just buy each other a beer and everything will be ok.
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    Yes sir, Dementia Joe probably doesn't know what his own name is. So of course, it's no wonder why the Dims just love the guy. They've got a lot in common to say the least.
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    Preseason 3 deep please

    I can't wait to see this guy. I think it's somewhat hard to believe he's as crazy fast as TMart was but if he is.....WOW!!
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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    Bingo! I miss Dan Beebe/Texass like another hole in my head. We just have to get better......that's all.
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    Opening with Ohio State

    Well sir, you could be totally correct. However, I most respectfully disagree regarding the blackshirts. They've been actually improving the last couple of years which is something our offense & special teams can't even dream of stating. Yes, I know the vast majority of posters here always...
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    Is Nebraska still a Blue Blood program?

    Oh sir, I most respectfully disagree. Yes, of course TO was a superb HC. That simply cannot be denied. However, as great as he was for sure!......but Devaney was far, far better. ;) No need to bore you with my reason. Heh....but we were soooooo lucky to have those two. Now, if only HCSF can...
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    Look no farther then this position for this season and on....

    Excellent post sir. Our defense annually improves but for some reason endless posters blame Chin for everything. Imo, our OLine & special teams have been way, wayyyyy worse than the blackshirts. But the OLine very well might improve this year and special teams can't possibly get any worse...
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    I feel beyond sorry for mindless snowflakes dreaming up horrible racism everywhere so they can feel they're above & better then anybody. Also for them, Dementia Joe is indeed the "perfect" Dim. Even better than Hillary!!!
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    Moos input on scheduling

    That's a damn good question. That dude is a real-deal snowflake.
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    Moos input on scheduling

    That's a good question sir.
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    Yeah, me too partner. We'll just hope for the best!