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    Congressman Nadler anyone else see him shart on live tv yesterday and do the penguin waddle to the restroom ?
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    It’s 10:00am and Biden has already called a day. Seriously. No more public appearances or media today. Yesterday he only made it to 9:30am
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    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    Like killing babies 🤷‍♂️
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    We Called It!!!

    Lines out OhioState -24.5 wisconsin -13.5 northwestern +7.5 penn state -17.5 illinois +10.5 iowa -6.5 Purdue +2.5 minnesota -3.5
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    We Called It!!!

    that was two schedules ago. We opened with Rutgers the last schedule
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    I have no faith in Roberts
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    We will need a full Supreme Court before the election. There will be court challenges no matter who wins. A 4-4 Supreme Court wouldn’t decide anything
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    DYLAN McCaffrey in transfer portal.

    Michigan’s McCaffrey....Luke’s brother :) sorry had to do it.
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    Am I misreading? (Theres no chance we play).

    5% is only 5-6 players for most teams. Our high player roster gives us maybe 7-8
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    Are we being played by the big 10

    One could argue the league has been playing Nebraska since they joined.
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    Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

    Each petition can ask only one question. So a petition stating legalize marijuana with proceeds being used for schools and healthcare is actually 3 questions. Should marijuana be legal. Should we use the money for schools. Should we use the money for healthcare. By law there would need to...
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    Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

    Why doesn’t the secretary of state or attorney general approve the petitions before people do all the work of getting the signatures.
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    9/11 tribute thread... never forget

    Took twenty years to go from being united against Islam to now being called islamaphobes and Muslims getting elected to Congress.
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    B1G schools are going to have to show their cards

    There has been no transparency this week. Tibet didn’t learn from the last time.
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    People that loot and riot

    So you are now using as a justification for their actions people who you are tearing down statues of and erasing the history of ?
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    Fastest Player on the Field

    for about the first five games or so of his freshman season
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    It is really beginning to sink-in

    That is most frustrating part of all of this. The decision was made by liberal academics who hate sports. The decision should have been made by the ADs.
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    The Exodus Has Begun

    Jaimes Farniok Bootle Mills.
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    Lay-off/furlough notices today in AD’s office?

    most people don’t realize ANY student can go to the training table. The walkons don’t cost the athletic dept much extra.
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    If Nebraska doesn't play, do we still get 70+ million from the big 10 network?

    I’m sure the contract only states how the money is divided up not how much we would get.