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  1. ThePowerOfRed

    Frost Haters

    Here we go again... fans acting like HCSF has fooled them with off-season comments?! I posted this in another thread but it still applies... Lets take a look back at some preseason Scott Frost quotes... Scott Frost didn't include Nebraska in his preseason Top 25 for the Coaches Poll. Says...
  2. ThePowerOfRed

    NIU Week Practice Notes

    I don't get it... fans acting like the staff has fooled them with off-season comments?! Lets take a look back at some preseason Scott Frost quotes... Scott Frost didn't include Nebraska in his preseason Top 25 for the Coaches Poll. Says "they've got to earn it." “We’re concerned about this...
  3. ThePowerOfRed

    An Outsider's Observations

    Just to clarify, my previous comment was specifically addressing the dig regarding Frost's acumen as a play caller and ability to scheme. IMO this simply should not be questioned after 2 sub-par performances when there is 5 years of data which strongly suggests otherwise (1 year at DONU)...
  4. ThePowerOfRed

    An Outsider's Observations

    Right, Frost just suddenly lost the ability to scheme and call plays once he showed up at Nebraska. I guess we should just ignore the resume Frost has built which corroborates point #5 above. 2014 Broyles award finalist; 2017 coach of the year awards; a 33–7 record and finished every year among...
  5. ThePowerOfRed


    I'll be succinct... Scott Frost, talent (especially at QB), and schedule.
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    OT - Vasectomy

    She was very sympathetic, said it looked painful. I told her I wished she could have seen it under different circumstances. Just kidding, I didn't say that, I'm married. Turned out I had developed epididymitis as a result of the operation. Thankfully after a couple of weeks of strong...
  7. ThePowerOfRed

    OT - Vasectomy

    Not my favorite experience. It was about two weeks after the operation and everything appeared to be going as planned until I noticed at work that it was becoming uncomfortable to sit. I got up from my desk went to the bathroom and noticed my left testicle had started to swell. Within a couple...
  8. ThePowerOfRed

    Let's be realistic 7-5 would be a really good season

    To be clear I was disagreeing with the notion that "running off" kids instead of reforming them doesn't jive with Frost's "do it for your brothers message". As I said, the two can actually go hand in hand. Frost can't make everyone practice at a winning level nor can he keep them from making the...
  9. ThePowerOfRed

    Let's be realistic 7-5 would be a really good season

    Kind of have to disagree. The players getting "run off" are those that won't correct repeated mental errors in games and/or are unwilling to practice the way the coaches want. Pretty easy to say if you aren't willing to work for your brothers on the team and accept the help the coaches are...
  10. ThePowerOfRed

    SIAP: reported that all UCF assistants coming except...

    Memphis has a good O, they beat UCLA earlier this year. UCF D was solid most of the year, the starters were out of a lot of the games by the third quarter so I’m not sure the yardage statistics really tell the whole story. That said UCF’s D did seem to regress towards the end of the year.
  11. ThePowerOfRed

    Scott Frost Warns the Neb Media...

    Majority of the sports media in Neb is terrible. Frost pretty clearly draws a line in the sand regarding his family and literally the next question is about his parents. Or how about asking Riley how it feels to be unemployed. I have no issues with them when they aren’t asking ridiculous...
  12. ThePowerOfRed

    Scott Frost Warns the Neb Media...

    In post presser questions with the media Frost said “I’m going to lose it on you guys if you approach my family. It’s already happened.” Then is subsequently asked about what his parents told him after the UCF game. Frost says “Listen I told you guys, my family is off limits. I’m telling you...
  13. ThePowerOfRed

    Honest question.

    Its this kind of crap that other fan bases mock. Not sure how many times I've read or heard fans of other teams cite unrealistic expectations of NU fans as a reason why coaches come here to die.
  14. ThePowerOfRed

    Honest question.

    6+ wins, protect the home turf. Schedule is difficult @Michigan, @Wisconsin, @Northwestern, @Ohio State, @Iowa, Colorado and Mich St. at home
  15. ThePowerOfRed

    Scott Frost is the most interesting man in the world!

    I heard Scott Frost can pick oranges from an apple tree and make the best damn lemonade you've ever tasted!
  16. ThePowerOfRed

    Nebraska/Ark St O/U 47.5

    I wouldn't say it's a "bad" thing for Nebraska, it is what it is. IMO I think the movement makes sense, at -19 I'd feel more comfortable with Arky St., at -14.5 I like Nebraska. I thought the spread should have been set around -17.
  17. ThePowerOfRed

    Nebraska/Ark St O/U 47.5

    I would think betting the spread would be more appealing, NU -14.5. It opened at NU -19...
  18. ThePowerOfRed

    How soon?

    Did I miss something, or have we cooled on Graham Roberts? Is it not safe to assume he will be joining his brother here?
  19. ThePowerOfRed

    What is the over under?

    If we go 6-0 that likely gives us 2 weeks in the top 10, with a bye week following Wiscy. I'll go over.
  20. ThePowerOfRed

    Kade Warner N per Twitter

    Correct me if I am wrong but cant you add Neil Smith to that list as well? I thought I heard awhile back that his son was walking on...