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    OT - grand jury

    Has to be a troll. Or very, very stupid.
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    OT: Husker Football

    I think tomorrow sir
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    Can we actually ban politics yet???

    Too dumb to comprehend thread title?
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    OT - grand jury

    Those FACTS should be undeniable. Some folks are just idiots. Some are just trolls. I'll say it again. Lay with dogs, get fleas.
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    Healing Mentally by Dedrick Mills

    Liked the kid since he got here. I was a bit concerned early on that he was going to continue blazing it up and blow his chance, especially with Maurice in the RB room. Mills is now a grown ass man physically and mentally, and it will be evident on the field.
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    OT - grand jury

    Read the case you idiot. She was awake. You let the narrative overtake the facts. Moron.
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    Can we actually ban politics yet???

    The soft snitching is cringe inducing.
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    OT - grand jury

    Maybe if her parents raised her to respect herself and not deal drugs or enable lowlife drug dealers, she wouldn't have been shot that night. Lay with dogs, catch fleas
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    Ben means well. He is only speaking about it now because he was recently told racism is still a problem. He had to be told because he doesnt see racism in institutions or systemically or even in his community. Only when hes told it exists. Know why? Racism is rare today. And incidents of actual...
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    COVID Strategy

    Yes. Several SEC schools have already done this.
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    Zach Smith on the B1G

    That video was major cringe material.
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    Lift Every Voice and Sing.

    The most dangerous place for a black baby to be, is in it's mother's womb. Black men are most likely to die at the hands of another black man. Time for some reflection from the BLM group if lives lost is a paramount issue.
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    Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

    You are out of touch bud.
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    OT: Anyone have a robotic mower?

    They dont hit edges well, and they are more trouble than they are worth. You just bury the probes around the border and it does its thing.
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    College GameDay

    They were afraid of him hijacking the set and speaking some truth like a man
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    I want Husker Football as much as you, but...

    Sucks to be unhealthy.
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    B1G Set to Revote

    Forgetting where you are and what you are saying is a stutter?