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  1. bomber89

    OT- Better Chiefs TE. Kelce or Gonzalez?

    Both are the best TE when they played but which one is better? I would go with Gonzalez by a smudge.
  2. bomber89

    Peak Stupidity

    That is why there are warning labels on underarm deodorant! The point of liability is beyond stupid!!!
  3. bomber89

    OT: A Drive Through Western Nebraska - Pt 7 McCook

    Close, my dad taught school there and my brother graduated from Cambridge. I went to Bartley.
  4. bomber89

    OT: A Drive Through Western Nebraska - Pt 7 McCook

    I lived in a small town around McCook back in 86-89. I remember we had to drive 30 miles just to take our date to a movie. There was a town between where I lived and McCook called Indianola and in that town there was a pizza joint called "Rocket Inn" and they made a great pizza and they put...
  5. bomber89

    Peak Stupidity

    Either ejected for arguing or not wearing a mask, to me it doesn't matter, its freaking stupid. America its not a place for wussies! What a bunch of freaking Karens.
  6. bomber89

    Davis Twins

    12K a week for a 17 week season (16 games and 1 by week) that comes out to 204K. Granted that is a heck of a pay cut compared to making a squad but it isn't chump change either.
  7. bomber89

    Vaccine is coming in November for medical professionals...

    Not totally true, Anyone can deny vaccinations for religious reasons and that has been upheld by the state and federal supreme court. There are three vaccinations out of the 20 some that a person is "Supposed" to get that I will not let my children get until they become adults and then its up...
  8. bomber89

    Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren under scrutiny

    This idiot used to be an agent. Some of his clients were sports writers such as Jason Witlock. His dream job according to Witlock is NFL commissioner. I think its safe to say his dream is dead now. I dislike this yahoo. What happens if Trump wins? At that point does he reverse himself...
  9. bomber89

    1984 Orange Bowl

    Because the bigger picture is to win the national championship.
  10. bomber89

    Poll: NFL complete season

    The NFL will play all the games even if they have to go back to single platoon football. Everyone in the NFL knows. No games, no money. NFL people like money. GREED IS GOOD!!
  11. bomber89

    1984 Orange Bowl

    Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one and they all stink. Here is mine. Kick the extra point. You play the games to win. Win what? The national championship. Kick the extra point and you win the national championship. What is bigger the game or the trophy? My vote has always...
  12. bomber89

    Our players are now filing a lawsuit

    And where do you want Nebraska to go? The big 12? Back to the conference that Texas rules with an iron fist? How much better do you think Texas will treat us upon coming back? Nebraska has made its bed, now it gets to sleep in it. The bed is full of money, too bad it has bed bugs!
  13. bomber89

    Warren addresses Nebraska

    Screw the big ten.
  14. bomber89

    Nebraska BELONGS in the Big 12! Come Home !!

    I miss the big 8, and never will miss the big 12.
  15. bomber89

    Could Nebraska still opt to have a season?

    The Big Ten will fight tooth & nail to deny Nebraska or any Big ten football team the ability to play games and make $ if the entire conference isn't playing. My guess is the Big ten would withhold however much money Nebraska made this year if some how they did play some games. My hope is...
  16. bomber89

    B1G Cancels Football Season

    The big ten would never let Nebraska play if the big ten cancels. If Nebraska tried to do that they would be kicked out, that or take 91% of any income the Huskers made from playing.
  17. bomber89

    Do You Think We’ll Play???

    I don't see it happening; I hope I am wrong though.
  18. bomber89

    Men . . . they are making this . . . it's real . . . and I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will take the DeLorean (with time travel capabilities, from Back to the Future) if it was my choice.