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  1. cdriftt24

    How we feeling about Fidone tomorrow?

    Will it be broadcast on twitter? I don’t love in the Omaha area but would love to watch the commitment?
  2. cdriftt24

    How we feeling about Fidone tomorrow?

    I think he’s N??? Your thoughts?
  3. cdriftt24

    New Commit!!

    I swear I saw it posted somewhere that he ran a 4.81 40??? That’s not legit fast, if true
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  5. cdriftt24

    Burkhalter & Jospeh???

    That’s what I am feeling as well.... lot of smoke with Burkhalter to Oregon right now
  6. cdriftt24

    Burkhalter & Jospeh???

    Burkhalter commits tomorrow at 5 PM Joseph commits Friday..... can the Huskers lock up both? 1 of 2?
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    Will be committing tomorrow at 5 pm...
  8. cdriftt24

    OT: Youtube Huge Price Increase

    This sucks!.... I canceled DirecTV earlier this year to keep costs down and now it’s going to be just as much to use YouTube TV as DirecTV!
  9. cdriftt24

    Marcel Brooks enters portal

    Man, what a get he would be. I have not heard any info on where he wants to go, but just dreaming about adding a player like that to the fold!!! A guy can dream right?
  10. cdriftt24

    JD officially gone

    This will be interesting to see what happens?
  11. cdriftt24

    TE Bubak

    Bubak walks on at Nebraska for his last year. Transfers in from Arizona State
  12. cdriftt24

    Blast from the past...

    JaRon Boone was the reason I chose #24.
  13. cdriftt24

    Blast from the past...

    I can’t add the photos from my camera roll? Anyone know how?
  14. cdriftt24

    Blast from the past...

    Going through some old stuff, and found my Jaron Boone signed jersey, along with autographs from Mikki Moore, Jaron Boone, and Tyron Lue! Then I found the Ahman Green autograph. Fun times....
  15. cdriftt24

    Eduardo Andre picks Nebraska

    From the highlight tape attached I saw nothing but dunks and blocks? Can this kid shoot at all???
  16. cdriftt24

    Eduardo Andre picks Nebraska

    Don’t know much about this kid... can someone fill me in? Highly rated kid? Good a stretching the floor? High School competition good? Like the height, will need to add some weight I would assume?
  17. cdriftt24

    Teddy Prochazka tweet

    From Munson??? Unless he’s just messing with people you have to think it’s something recruiting wise?
  18. cdriftt24

    Travion Ford

    Commits to Missouri
  19. cdriftt24

    Fong bomb!

    You have to be kidding me!
  20. cdriftt24

    Fong bomb!

    This is a shot to the mid section!!!