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    Illinois high school football moved

    also only playing 7 games, and possibly will be some regional/geographical “playoff” games if possible
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    Big Ten Only Season

    Because within a conference you can come up with terms to amend the contracts across the board to make sure everyone is abiding by the same guidelines (testing, etc.) with non conference games, the contracts are done and can’t necessarily be amended easily.
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    10 Game, Big 10 only schedule likely

    keep division opponents, and then play the four closest division opponents in a home and home is my guess
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    10 Game, Big 10 only schedule likely

    I am guessing they will stick with division only games and have a couple of home/homes between some of the closer division schools. They will want to restrict travel as much as they can.
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    10 Game, Big 10 only schedule likely

    FWIW, There are three week 1 conference games as currently scheduled.
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    10 Game, Big 10 only schedule likely

    Wouldnt surprise me if they will have everyone play a home and home against their closest school, something like Nebraska/Minnesota, Iowa/Wisconsin, Illinois/NW, indiana/Purdue, Michigan/Michigan state, Ohio state/penn state, Maryland/Rutgers
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    JD officially gone

    Is this tweet posted by him two days ago from Lincoln good enough for you?
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    Plan is to have students back for fall sememter....per NU President

    I’ve seen some schools are starting to run through scenarios where they only sell 1/5 of available be prepared for scenarios like that
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    Not sure if this has been discussed. What does Vegas do??

    The same thing they used to the 1986 World's Strongest Man Championships so we can watch Franco Columbo blow his knee out while carrying a fridge on his back and Magnus ver Magnusson dominate everyone
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    What we really need right now!!! Is a Big Mac with FOUR patties!!!

    I only care if these are included in the Big Mac Sack deal in the fall
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    Banks and Vedral on BB team

    Club soccer players on the football team, football players on the basketball team...Husker Athletics has become a shitshow
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    Spring Practice Press Conference - Monday 11:50am (Link)
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    JD and Jaevon

    Fields case for leaving Georgia was due to fellow student athletes making racist comments to him. He was granted a waiver and played last year. Luke Ford transferred from Georgia to Illinois because his grandfather was ill and he wanted to be closer to him while his health was declining. His...
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    JD and Jaevon

    The story says he is still enrolled at NU
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    JD and Jaevon

    Considering how many concussions he has suffered in his career, i'd guess he may retire from playing as well.
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    Barrett Pickering has left the Program
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    Athlon - NU projected starters on offense

    This is only for spring practice, not for the fall
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    Ughhh....wife wants to watch the Oscars

    a key part of that is due to the amount of options now as opposed to before
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    Ughhh....wife wants to watch the Oscars

    You mean like all of us on this messageboard that do whatever we all do for a living and are apparently qualified to run a power 5 division I football program?
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    Coach in MI gets suspended for saying he'd like to have dinner with.....

    Guy got canned and walked away with over 80k in severance...and never coached a down...