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  1. huskerbux

    Name the people in this vintage Husker photo...

    Eighth row up, fourth from the aisle just before the upright is Joe. Can’t help with the rest of section though.
  2. huskerbux

    2nd HALF GAME THREAD!!!!!

    Unreal on all the complaints of the second stringers. Does everyone realize this is the first game most are getting reps? Love this fan base. Unless we win 102-0, there’s always bitching. Just enjoy the fact we came out and did what we should do and blow out a team and the backups will get...
  3. huskerbux

    Should Tiger hang it up?

    Agree! And while we're at it, let's make sure the Lincoln Journal and the OWH stop running articles on the Huskers. Winking Tiger is the draw for non watchers. Plain and simple, of course they are going to pump it up.
  4. huskerbux

    Should Tiger hang it up?

    Who will be left playing then? Let's not pretend all other players are saints Du.
  5. huskerbux

    OT top five favorite movies of all time

    Was just breezing through titles and not paying attention to poster’s names. Saw DDD and knew it was you!
  6. huskerbux

    How is Bill Moose doing as Athletic Director

    Saw his statement yesterday supporting the Men's and Women's basketball teams in their stance on the recent events on campus with the white supremacist. Of course one bozo used that opportunity to respond and threw in his disappointment about not being able to get spring game tickets so I know...
  7. huskerbux

    Day 5 of watching the grandkids, epic

    Thanks Sparky! This has been a tough week but reading that story was hilarious. Yes I know I'm laughing at your expense but, well better you than me! LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingRollingLaughLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing
  8. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    Well I don’t know about the whole EVERY GM claim but I think we’ve worn out this arguement. Enjoy the Super Bowl
  9. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    Hoping I don’t respond? You’re hilarious. You said B.B. is the best ever. GOAT if you will. Period. I was merely pointing out while at Cleveland he had a losing record overall. That’s not debatable. He was hired in New England in 2000. Same year Brady was drafted. 2001 Brady took over in...
  10. huskerbux

    In what year did you become a die-hard Nebraska fan?

    January 1, 1971. Orange bowl against LSU. I was six years old and my 8 year old brother and I listened thru the air vents as my folks had a watch party going on that night. we listened to the whole game instead of being in bed!
  11. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    Again just spouting words. Where are the quotes? Lol. Jennifer Anniston says I’m the best sex she’s ever had! See that’s easy. I showed Marino as saying Brady is one of the best but what does he know. And again again.....BB failing at Cleveland doesn’t count because it’s Cleveland? Got...
  12. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    Nope. You said hall of Famers don’t mention Brady as one of the best to play the position when asked. Where are those quotes? Still waiting. Also avoided the BB “smartest coach ever period” point when asked what happened in Cleveland. You are the expert on what it takes to be a great QB...
  13. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    I'd like to see those quotes from the Hall of Famers you say don't mention Brady. I'll be here waiting. I'll help you out......
  14. huskerbux

    Eagles vs Patriots

    Not even close to being a Pats fan. So BB (the smartest coach ever period) is why Brady is so successful? Why couldn't he make Kosar and Testaverde look that good while going 36-44 in Cleveland? Dude, your hatred for Brady is showing. Give it up. Its a great system and a great defense...
  15. huskerbux

    How much snow did you get and where?

    Working in S Omaha and we have virtually nothing here and I'm not exaggerating. But pictures of my house in Millard showing ~4" Very distinct cut off lines with this storm.
  16. huskerbux

    SIAP: Minnesota signed two GIANT OL

    4-star rating after playing only of year of football? Can't believe we still have trouble picking up blitz packages if its that easy to be an O-lineman. :Cool:
  17. huskerbux

    No thread on NU women beating Iowa?
  18. huskerbux

    Jay Leno joke...

    But you can Tune a Fish....oops wrong thread.
  19. huskerbux

    Spring Game Change to April 28th?

    Whatever the date and time.....I put the over/under of posters complaining to be at 15.