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    After watching all of the riots and can't understand how anybody could vote for the left
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    That is his opinion. My opinion is there is no such thing as white privilege. My wife is dark and she has a masters degree. I am white and have an associate degree. We all have choices in life.
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    B1G is a conference of scared wimps - Sipple

    This sucks. I hate the Big Ten.
  4. 8675309husker

    Players can wear social justice patches on jerseys

    I won't either. Won't buy Husker gear as well. I already stopped watching pro sports.
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    OSU halts voluntary workouts

    why can't the media just be honest?
  6. 8675309husker

    University of Illinois projects

    Truth about chloroquine finally came out after months of lies about the drug. How many deaths could have been avoided if people were able to take that drug? Thank your media and other morons for that.
  7. 8675309husker

    Covid survivors

    Why do all of our phones now have covid tracker?
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    OT - Men who have been separated/divorced

    Dude I feel bad for you. Wish Ibhad some good advice, but I don't. Just try to stay positive!!
  9. 8675309husker

    Mike Gundy

    Mike Gundy should keep his job. Maybe some players should move on.
  10. 8675309husker

    JD officially gone

    I remember watching a video from last years games. His blocking was atrocious. Just going through the motions. He definitely did not buy in last year and it showed. Good luck to him
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    Will you travel to Minnie to watch the Huskers....?

    Minneapolis is now a shithole city. I will never go there.
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    I have an aunt (school teacher) and uncle that live in Tabor. Lots of Husket fans there. Very happy he is playing for us!!
  13. 8675309husker

    Loot the Utes

    My wife calls me that with the "a" at least once a day.
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    A couple of Alabama football players tested positive for Covid

    I thought Covid was done. Thousands going to a funeral tomorrow..
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    OT: Guns recommendation

    My wife got herself a nice double barrel shotgun. Has a short (legal) barrel.
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    Market just frontran the LA closure news

    This is getting stupid. The whole country should be open now. Elon Musk will definitely leave.
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    Quarantine ideas

    Where are you heading today?
  18. 8675309husker

    Quarantine ideas

    Yes! More pics!!
  19. 8675309husker

    Quarantine ideas

    Last week my wife and I visited Osage county and enjoyed all of the buffalo. Yesterday we drove to Arkansas and then Missouri. Elk River was amazing. We will go back for rafting in the near future. Next weekend I dont know where we will go. We put in a full tank, bring water and food and enjoy...