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  1. 30BringsTheHurt

    Nebraska BELONGS in the Big 12! Come Home !!

    Having lived in Chicago for 29 years, I was excited when we joined the B1G...and we were probably fine here with Delany as Commish. Some didn't like him but he was at least respectful and mostly fair to us. But Illinois and the rest of these blue states are NOTHING like Nebraska culturally. Two...
  2. 30BringsTheHurt

    Can Frost go undefeated

    Congrats on reaching the status of Crazy AF. We will be fortunate to be bowl eligible. If there is a season. If we play our current schedule...7-6 with a minor bowl win against a service academy level team. Reality.
  3. 30BringsTheHurt

    Different schedule in 2020...

    Chinander's defense should be fine. No risk of too many guys around the ball.
  4. 30BringsTheHurt

    Live Sports are BACK this weekend!

    Will be cheering hard for Rickie Bobbie.
  5. 30BringsTheHurt

    Huskers O/U set at 6.5 wins

    At this point, we aren't jack shit until we prove otherwise.
  6. 30BringsTheHurt

    Cam Mack gone

    Um. How many times was Cam suspended this season? And you think Hoiberg was begging to keep that headache around. Nope.
  7. 30BringsTheHurt

    Nebraska at # 25

    The reason's name is Chinander.
  8. 30BringsTheHurt

    Honest thoughts on Diaco?

    Complete douche nozzle.
  9. 30BringsTheHurt

    What a sore loser Moos is for publicly attacking Tommy Frazier

    Tommie is entitled to his opinion. Is the good of the program being put first? Or is there a bunch of bullshit in the way? I think Tommie and others see the bullshit and are trying to bring it to light to be dealt with. Doesn't make you a bad person.
  10. 30BringsTheHurt

    Game Predictions - Ohio St

    52-28 Buckeyes
  11. 30BringsTheHurt

    Jack Hoffman continues his football career

    Go Jack! And Go West Holt Huskies!
  12. 30BringsTheHurt

    CU Game Score Predictions

    Huskers 37 Buffs 34 (OT)
  13. 30BringsTheHurt

    Cedric Benson Dead at 36

    Giving serious thought to giving up the Harley, as much as I love it. The older I get, the more accidents I see...especially being in health care for a profession. I just am not sure the joy is still worth the risk.
  14. 30BringsTheHurt

    Alex Lewis cut

    I'll take "Lazy Underachievers" for $100 please...
  15. 30BringsTheHurt

    Baseball Regional

    Write it off for what it is...a stagnant program that continues to underachieve. Erstad should have some serious self doubt on whether or not he has what it takes to take this team further. Stepping aside may be the best course of action.
  16. 30BringsTheHurt

    Michigan hires ....

    Not worried, at all.
  17. 30BringsTheHurt

    NFL draft...Huskers streak done..

    Fitting end to the culture of "meh". Onward...
  18. 30BringsTheHurt

    Assistant coaches

    Hold together what exactly?
  19. 30BringsTheHurt


    What exactly are you referring to?
  20. 30BringsTheHurt

    Hoiberg N

    The nickname should reflect the promotion...Governor of Nebraska.