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    I watched his junior highlights. He's bigger than most kids, which at those measurable's that's a given... however he finishes plays, has some fire and runs very well. Welcome big guy happy to have ya!
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    OT: Mortgage Rates

    Typical rule of thumb is 1% lower to make refinancing worth while. With that being said I believe lower rates are coming.
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    CB for Fidone.. he and family loves Nebraska!!

    You once again made my point, living some place for decades and playing 3-5 years of football are completely different. This a football board, pretty easy concept to understand. What are you a travel agent?? As you said in your originally comment- San Diego, LA and Hawaii...those are...
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    CB for Fidone.. he and family loves Nebraska!!

    Well you're in the minority on that one chief, last time I checked all those places had awful teams and play in front of 25% full Pac12 stadiums. So playing in the BIG 10/SEC football crazed conferences for mostly sold out crowds holds a little more priority with young players...not your...
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    LSU OU

    He can cover a bit but he's a huge wuss on tackling. Little Man Syndrome on that cheap shot. Bubbye Bookie Baybay RollingLaugh
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    New Commit

    "It's not the X's and the O's but the Jimmys and the Joes." Yet it's quite funny that it's the sky is falling fans that are quick to pick up the pitchforks and torches and put all the blame on the D coordinator as a whipping boy. We ultimate have a young team, sure we have some seniors that...
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    New Commit

    By not having the team play with piss poor effort and fold after the losses we’ve had this year (aka Riley coached teams). We’re a extremely young team but making improvements as the season goes. But ya please keep bringing value to this board with those kind of weaka$$ comments....
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    2021 Huskers to Ireland..

    That’s pretty awesome
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    Good recruiting news.

    Thanks for that post Negative Nacy, what a contribution, means a lot in early October.
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    Martinez Starting QB

    Idiot posts by a troll or low football I.Q. Waste of time reading those comments.
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    Did I hear Frost kinda say...

    Yo Chicken Little....the sky is falling. Red alert, give me a break. A piss poor our game against possibly this years Nat Champs and suddenly our coach and QB sucks...SMH
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    New State-Of-The-Art Training Facility!!

    Totally disagree, it would be the end of college sports if that were to happen. And every small market school/state would be at a huge disadvantage and yes that would include Nebraska. No clue why some people are infatuated that cause. But to keep this topic can be on another thread. Great...
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    New State-Of-The-Art Training Facility!!

    Probably 2-3 years of construction so technically you’re right. I think the timing with the Huge recruiting wkd makes sense, show them the campus, the coaches, the sick night game day atmosphere and dangle some slick new facilities that will prob be done once they are college redshirt...
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    New State-Of-The-Art Training Facility!!

    Bring it on!
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    powder puff schedule

    He definitely did not say they aren’t good but based on that schedule they have NOT played anyone of note, that’s a valid point period. Nor have they played a true road game, did you see last weeks game at Indiana that is a 50k seat stadium it was maybe 80% full and half OSU fans..not a tough...
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    powder puff schedule

    I’ll drink a little bit if that Koolaid! We take care of the ball for a change and force a couple turnovers no question we could win the game.
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    Alternate Uniforms

    They haven't put up 60 against Indy, Cincy or FL Atlantic but they will against us in their only real road game so far? Memorial is one of the loudest stadiums in the country hands down it will be a test for OSU. We may indeed lose the game by a couple td's but 60 pts... C'mon...
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    Biggest surprise so far

    Bad attempt at a joke. I thought snaps were good last game, especially the direct snaps to Washington...Cam’s coming along nicely IMO.
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    Ohio St -15

    Well said HuskerBangGeek, getting tired looking at these negative posts. A bunch of babies on this board sucking the fun out of watching Husker football. Let's look at one of college football's best teams as of late-Clemson: 2017 unranked Pitt beats them (at home), In 2018 outranked...
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    Frost and Austin..

    It was because a IL defender hit our lineman after the play and knocked him to the ground right in front of the official. Should’ve been a 15yd Personal foul...Austin was hot trying to defend his guy.