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    OT :Distance Learning??

    I hate it. My son is a 2nd grader. He does the 3/2 one week and 2/3 the next. His teacher tries so hard and you can hear the frustration in her voice when doing the online class. My son will sit and fidget with aything he can. We try keeping him engaged but it just isnt working. He is enjoying...
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    Where does Nebraska go from here?

    I think if this lawsuit has any merit at all, other teams will start their own lawsuits. Then Nebraska will look fine. I haven't been a fan of the B1G since we joined it. Cant we just form an SEC North Division with OSU, Michigan, Iowa, Penn State snd Wisconsin? Maybe MSU as well.
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    Thomas Fidone is N!!

    Who do you have that you consider it stacked?
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    Thomas Fidone is N!!

    Oh Iowa fan, we would expect nothing less of you. So that TE room that you are so confident includes 3 young guys (2 incoming freshman and 1 redshirt freshman) and a sophomore (that played well last season) . With experience like that I can see why Fidone had the easy choice with Nebraska. Maybe...
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    Spurrier post Fiesta Bowl Interview

    Good part is they only got 2. Best football quote ever from a losing coach.
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    Covid survivors

    Dont forget about the morons who wanted to invade Area 51. Thats a special kind of stupid. I wish they would have, probably wouldn't be as many people rioting and looting. They all would have gotten taken by aliens.
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    Covid survivors

    I havent had it yet. My daughter was hanging out with a girl that tested positive the day after they hung out. Luckily my daughter tested negative. The girl she was with only had no taste and smell symptoms. Another friend of mine had it and survived but he said he felt like death. He also has...
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    LB Decommits

    He sounds like the coaches that say "I have no interest in taking any other positions, I am 100% committed to my school". 1 week later "after much consideration and lengthy talks with my family, I would like to announce I am taking the ...... job".
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    Huskers offer 2022 QB Steve Angeli

    Im optimistic about that. Max Duggan was a top 25 "pro style qb" as a sophomore I believe. Now a damn good dual threat that has great accuracy and wheels. Hopefully this guy could be another Max (but at Nebraska)
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    Nebraska Men’s sports...

    I wouldnt say the Pelini hire was a disaster. He at least got them to a couple conference championship games and won the 9 game standard. It was his attitude toward the end that screwed him.
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    29 Feb 2020 Game 8: Nebraseball at Arizona State - ASU wins 14-1

    Thanks for the updates. Much appreciated.
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    Nebraska Men’s sports...

    Baseball has the easier chance as the B1G in baseball is the worst power 5 conference and probably about 8 best conference of all the conferences. Getting to a Super regional would be the baseball standard of a great season. Football would be a 10 or 11 win season and basketball would be a win...
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    Big Ten Scores and Standings (2/22)

    So embarrassing to be at the bottom of the men's sports standings. Lets go big red and get this turned around.
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    Future opponents scheduled

    It makes me wonder if they know he will be gone and will bring him back and honor him during halftime of that game.
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    Nebraska at # 25

    I heard Adrian is a shoe in for the Heisman as well.
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    Iowa Basketball
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    4 Huskers get NFL Combine invites...

    I dont believe this one bit. Iowa has to have the most. They have the best talent in the country. I mean all of them go to the NFL.
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    CB for Fidone.. he and family loves Nebraska!!

    So tell us why you think that
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    CB for Fidone.. he and family loves Nebraska!!

    Nebraska was at LC today.