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  1. ZaneHickey

    We Called It!!!

    We just got sent to our rooms for being sassy.
  2. ZaneHickey

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    Get ready for an excrement show. The next candidate is going to be verbally flayed, flogged and crucified. The opposition is probably already lining up accusations and "victims".
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  4. ZaneHickey

    Moos said.........

    Wow. Where are the men? The testicular shrinkage pandemic is emerging as the true ongoing threat.
  5. ZaneHickey

    B1G Football is BACK!

    I think both of you have made excellent points.😁
  6. ZaneHickey

    I've got a great corona virus joke...

    I recently learned that the feeling you get when finally able to remove the dang mask at the end of the day, is called an "airgasm".
  7. ZaneHickey

    Big 12 & ACC Back in Action Today

    That shirt is awesome.
  8. ZaneHickey

    Ryan Day Calls Out B1G Leadership

    Yes. Leadership that could be trusted with nuclear secrets, but that might be it.
  9. ZaneHickey

    Wut ????? A NEW national anthem for the NFL

    I coached jr high girls basketball for 5 years. All this "professional" athletics stuff seems to be on par with jr-high-level theater.🙄
  10. ZaneHickey

    The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic

    Might be. At first, I thought Sir Fauci was the Drake...
  11. ZaneHickey

    9/11 tribute thread... never forget

    ...with the exception of radicalized elements, some of which chant, "Death to America", daily.
  12. ZaneHickey

    B1G Set to Revote

    Fox News polls are ... not accurate. Always goofy. A person really needs to know how a question was asked, if it was prefaced by anything, the weighting of D/R/I, etc . Polls of adults or registered voters= worth little. Likely voters, much better, typically. Joe's internal polling data is what...
  13. ZaneHickey

    So... How many football players/staff died this week?

    No kidding- summer election would have solved many problems.
  14. ZaneHickey

    PAC 12

    Meanwhile, our high schoolers, who might go home to a more vulnerable parent/grandparent (vs. college roomie), are doing just fine, so far. Oh there have been some positive tests and quarantines of many healthy kids. In the real world, however, the high school FB scene is fine.
  15. ZaneHickey

    So... How many football players/staff died this week?

    Again, if "raging" means hospitalizations and death... that's a big deal. If it means rampant asymptomatic situations and 2-day head colds or sore throat, that's a big yawn. Media needs to get specific, at some point. Might happen second week of November.
  16. ZaneHickey

    So... How many football players/staff died this week?

    Not about serious illness, hospitalization and death, anymore. It's cases! Gotta stop the virus, completely, with nobody testing positive, ever, because that is scary.
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    bringing Thundering Herd immunity to whatever Eastern Kentucky brought with them, today. Yowza.
  18. ZaneHickey

    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Would be a nice headline if Warren was in a transfer portal.
  19. ZaneHickey

    Illinois Coach Lovie Smiths son gets arrested in Arizona....

    Ouch. I thought maybe he was just caught without a mask.