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    Your most memorable Husker play?

    1. Keith Jackson's 88 yard TE reverse in 1985. I didn't recover from that game until Christmas. 2. Frazier's run against Florida in the Orange bowl. 3. Lord's 4th quarter interception vs Texas. 4. Every play of the CU/NU games between 1989 and 1992. Say what you will, those were the most...
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    Forbes article on the P5 playoff cartel.

    I can't decide if you were trying to add something pertinent and prematurely hit "post reply".... or if you are just being a DB?
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    Bowl Season Lessons Learned

    Who cares about the number of bowl games? Twenty+ more football games, five straight days where you get to see at least one watchable game, and it is a nice change to watch good football teams and good football games.
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    Silent commit?

    Yep, we got our first taste of Urban Meyer. I am just glad there was no Twitter back then, this place would have imploded...
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    I don’t know whether it is intoxication or mobile...

    Don't worry, karma bites them in the ass when they send a text to their friends stating "Hey, let's go smoke some math."
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    "Nice Guy" Mike Riley's Prius Has Oregon License Plates

    Who can blame a guy? These are all the rage in Portland and Eugene.
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    "Nice Guy" Mike Riley's Prius Has Oregon License Plates

    Well no wonder they didn't allow him to register it....
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    "Nice Guy" Mike Riley's Prius Has Oregon License Plates

    It's a Prius Element. The DMV probably didn't allow him to register it in Nebraska.
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    A little bird told me.

    Yep, and Quinton Flowers had over 600 yards of offense last week and a Nick Saban coached team once gave up 52 points to Purdue. Seems people are still a little butthurt about the loss to Colorado, but Craig Bohl is a pretty decent coach.
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    My top 5

    It seems no one has mentioned Jeff Tedford. Sure, he is not anyone's first choice, but he has done a nice job at Fresno State, and he has coached some great quarterbacks. He is surely a better choice than some of the names I have seen thrown out there.
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    What's taking so long?

    Just hot air to keep his golden parachute afloat. If MR was honest with the press (and honest with himself) he would come out and say "I quit coaching three years ago. I was waiting to get fired from OSU when this incompetent DB athletic director called me from Lincoln...."
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    The #1 reason Frost comes back

    Tom Osborne might be the #1 reason he doesn't return.
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    I changed my mind.

    I think that is a harsh assessment. I know we are all "butt-hurt", but the majority of the team did not quit.
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    I have to believe Riley's staff were notified after Northwestern

    I agree. Mike Riley was done coaching before he left Oregon State.
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    I have to believe Riley's staff were notified after Northwestern

    At this point I just want to blame everyone... BUT Mike Riley does not deserve the "dignity" of walking away from the dumpster fire he is leaving.
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    Where's Cole?

    I thought this was another post about the Minnesota game and almost replied "look five yards behind the line of scrimmage".
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    Cavanaugh's OLine laughed at by Minnesota players...

    Wow. What do you even say to that? After watching the clips "dancing bears" seems to be a generous assessment.
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    Name a game we lost that could have changed our program

    Texas game in 2006. I truly feel that Terrence Nunn's fumble changed the course of Husker football.
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    Question about Riley on sideline

    Well, there is always a career staring in "low testosterone" commercials....
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    Way to go O'Brien

    He practices against our d-line so he wasn't prepared for a pass rush.