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    People are underestimating economic impact

    Those bars along with restaurants and hotels collect a hospitality tax on receipts to help pay for PBA. That and no concert revenue looks like more burden coming on the Lincoln taxpayer.
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    OT: Summer 2021 travel recommendations, Yellowstone vs Durango

    I agree on going to Yellostone after Labor Day. We went when the Aspens were turning. Perfect timing as it was gorgeous. Wildlife were very visible near the roads. Durango is much more laid back than the front range---which we like. It's a haul getting there from eastern NE but well worth it.
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    OT: Guns recommendation

    Can you say ouch?
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    Hoiberg sent to the hospital

    10/11 reporting Fred has been released. "Flu-like symptoms."
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    Hoops @ Maryland

    Tough loss. They made it interesting.
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    Hoops @ Maryland

    Big one
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    Hoops @ Maryland

    Good effort! Keep fighting!
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    Easley comes in and creates a turnover that leads to a Cheatum basket.
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    Bad possessions continue.
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    Lucky to be within 5. We had too many ugly possessions.
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    Love Burke's energy right now.
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    Comes in and gets two quick fouls. Something more to the story?
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    They just said he was late for a film session yesterday.
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    Huskers +8 @ Home

    What's up with Mack?
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    Husker vs Hoosiers Bball on BTN AT 6

    Maybe they're waking up?
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    Husker vs Hoosiers Bball on BTN AT 6

    My oh my. Painful.
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    Why is everyone so cranky?

    Woof woof.
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    Eddie Murphy on SNL tonight

    Murphy just said one of Carlin's 7 words.
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    Kayla Banwarth

    Announced a couple hours ago.... new VB head coach at Ole Miss. Congrats Kayla. Thanks for all you've done for Nebraska volleyball.