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    Freshman 4

    Hell of an opportunity for these freshmen to be able to play the entire year if indeed eligibility is not counted.
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    Freshman 4

    Since the NCAA has made this season’s eligibility a wash, correct me if I’m wrong unless I’ve missed something stated elsewhere, does that mean freshman can play the entire year Without eligibility issues? Or will they be held to the 4 game rule.
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    You'll chuckle at the Texas and N digs ...

    I lol’d.
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    Fidone - 8/26 Commitment Date?

    Few millennials do.
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    What if Danny Ross is right

    Huh? I thought it was our own big 10 Brethren in Wisconsin and Michigan that cast the deciding votes Responsible for our removal
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    Is there a limit on how many OOC games

    Unfortunately, probably most. We haven’t Been our stellar selves as of late.
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    SPAM...The actual meat.

    WWll staple. Hawaii consumes the most per capita.
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    Now that we've gotten one of the "hats" let's turn our attention back to

    We should’ve brought this one back in March
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    Best RB's at NU that were back ups

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    Eduardo Andre picks Nebraska

    You take an athletic 6-10 over a plodding 7ftr any day!
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    The Rise and Fall of Adidas Boost.

    Love my Boost’s. Both pair.
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    First place you're going once...

    Bunny Ranch
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    Osu killing it

    True story. Read it on a google!
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    Your first car/truck

    Still have mine!
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    Your first car/truck

    1969 Nova SS Big block L78 396 Lemans blue, bench seat, 4spd
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    OT - Advice on which shotgun

    I lol’d