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    Us against the world

    You are joking right? People elsewhere see NU of the 90‘s as the real life Varsity Blues with a coach who protected his players from the law and going to class. A team chalk full of roid-heads, criminals, rapists, and psychopaths. Nebraska will never succeed in the B1G because nobody can get...
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    We Called It!!!

    I’m a little confused? All my life I’ve been told by NU fans that they are an elite program? Last year everybody on here was predicting a B1G West title...Now we are at the point fans are complaining about the schedule? So the B1G West is too tough now? Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota...
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    Prediction time

    Does anyone here learn? Last year the schedule was easy for a B1G schedule and people were talking undefeated and top 10 for OSU game... This team isn’t that good and Frost isn’t Urban Meyer. Saying the team won’t lose more than one against Iowa, Wisconsin & Minnesota is pretty silly. Thinking...
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    Claimed National Titles

    How about 1973 Alabama? Was undefeated & #1 playing undefeated and #2 ND in the Sugar Bowl. ND won the game, but Alabama still went on to claim they were also National Champions. LOL SI did a really good article a while ago about teams claiming titles. They called out Bama and Michigan for...
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    Matt Farniok to start out at RG

    How can you be confident when there has been next to zero practices? Frost doesn’t even know what he has this season yet? Unless a team that was good last year returns a lot, the coach can’t be confident yet since there was no spring.
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    Big 10 Bias Against UNL?

    This thread is incredible. I will repeat. Incredible.
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    Coach Frost Tweet

    Three years later Auburn, with a new HC, was back in the title game & one play away from another national title.
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    Coach Frost Tweet

    Fact: Gene Chizik won the SEC West in 2010 Gene Chizik won the SEC Title in 2010 Gene Chizik won the National Title in 2010 Gene Chizik won Coach of the Year in 2010 Gene Chizik signed a 5 year extension in 2011 Gene Chizik FIRED for performance in 2012
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    Predicting the BIG

    You need a counter or everyone on Rivals will “like” that comment.
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    Tennessee recruiting.

    Tennessee, FSU, USC, etc... are teams that load up on 5 Star players & still are under .500 over the last 2-3 years.
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    The Sellout Streak

    Yeah, that’s not what happened. ND, like NU, had tickets bought out by boosters over the years. ND made the decision that they no longer were counting that as a sellout. It was a huge debate because other teams, including Nebraska, count those towards sellouts, but ND decided to no longer do...
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    Jason Peter tweet

    This is just dumb & why you are out of touch with reality. As soon as people like you stop thinking that way the faster NU will be back on track.
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    Haarberg is N

    This is kind of OT...but that might be the first time I’ve seen a recruit say, “the next five years...” Nothing wrong at all with that, just never seen that before.
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    2020 Season

    I actually grew up cheering for NU as my second favorite team. I hated Miami, FSU, Florida, & even Colorado because of ND. So I liked rooting for a midwestern team who beat them. Them I actually started hating them because when I first spent time in Omaha people were just mean to me about ND...
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    2020 Season

    Yeah. My hometown team is ND. Where I grew up. My wife grew up in Omaha, and VERY Catholic. So she loves going to ND with me & I spend a lot of time at NU games with her entire family.
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    2020 Season

    Lost me at wrongly ranked #1. LOL Beat #1 FSU, & four other top 15 teams. That BC team was ranked 17th and hadn’t lost since then. Might want to learn a little more before you post? Now you just sound like a crazy fan.
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    2020 Season

    That game was strange because Wisconsin actually finished 3rd in their division, but both OSU & PSU were ineligible. My wife was wearing her back to back Nebraska national champions sweatshirt from the 90’s. Our tickets were actually behind the Wisconsin bench.
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    2020 Season

    I was not. I was deployed in the military then. But i was home in Indy in 2012 B1G title game to see Nebraska in person against Wisconsin.
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    2020 Season

    Ive actually been to as many NU games as ND games over that time. In-laws are from West O & huge donors. One was on the early 70’s title teams. They are disgusted by what has happened. I watch as a neutral party & listen to them like a fly on the wall.
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    2020 Season

    Isnt that they point though? If Nebraska wants to be an elite program, Cincy shouldn’t even be a concern. So let’s back up. A top 25 program. A top 25 program still wins by two plus scores. Last year the talk on here was NU being undefeated when OSU rolled around, possibly winning the West...