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    Has pushed football and volleyball back to spring 2021.
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    40 years ago today...

    You are correct, it was February 22, 1980
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    Hoiskers @ iowa

    Will we have a final score before Thursday?
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    WOW! James Madison with a incredible opening drive...

    Good game so far, love the reverse for a TD, faked the reverse pass, everyone bit, and Sproles (Darren Sproles cousin) coasts in.
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    OT: Greatest NFL Player of all time

    All these picks are really good but, no has mentioned George Blanda?
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    Word is out on the street that Troy Walters

    Heard the same about Walters, also heard that Mickey Joseph has been in talks with Nebraska.
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    Rule Changes College and NFL

    If you catch a a ball in the end zone or on the sideline, once the foot comes down or on the sideline the once you step out with control of the ball. The play freezes and is a completion.
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    aOSU v Clemson

    you do realize that Herbstreit has two sons playing for Clemson.
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    aOSU v Clemson

    Also that was not PI, that was defensive holding. Occurred before the pass was thrown should have been 5 yards not 15. These are ESPN calls
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    aOSU v Clemson

    That was NOT targeting, defender went in text book towards chest ( did NOT launch) Lawrence lowered his head.
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    aOSU v Clemson

    Very interesting, ACC officials work the peach bowl, and SEC officials working the fiesta bowl. Nice insurance for ESPN.
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    No bowl games for me

    32 teams compared to 130 teams, any team that can not win their conference or their conference division, does not deserve to win a national championship.
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    Does Iowa win today?

    Just wish we can make a bowl, throwing stones in glass houses.
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    Watch the Irishman on Netflix that should cover your whole time
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    Why is Verduzco immune?

    Martinez only leads the conference in total offense.
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    Why you should hate Iowa

    Still waiting to see your national championships, but don’t t get to upset you can always wear your 12-0 shirts, and slip on the 12-0 rings that were made, and reminisce about that 12-2 season.
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    jamie burrow

    Joe Burrow would have got his ass kicked behind our line. Would never sniff Heisman consideration here.
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    Nebraska path to the West

    All we need to worry about now is the magic number 2, to get bowl eligible.
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    HAHA Wisconsin!

    We have officially turned into a losing mentality board like Most boards that have losing programs, basking in the loss of programs that we are envy of.