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  1. bvkley

    price gouging...

    Saw a story the brothers have donated the stuff. But if you watch the story. He's not sorry. He looked more upset he got caught.
  2. bvkley

    Commercials that drive you nuts!!

    Shes Facebook DELETED!!!!!
  3. bvkley

    Be a good time for a new NCAA football game... These guys are still at it ncaa14 lives on and on and in. Awesome they keep updating rosters every year
  4. bvkley

    SIAP XFL teams

    Even bad football or or or dare I say it Hawkeye football.
  5. bvkley

    Best NFL Uniforms

    I have always like the Bengals helmets
  6. bvkley

    Dawson is official

    I am curious on how much time. A team spends on ST. Would the amount of be enough. Or would he be able to plane out the practice and let the other coaches run it. Allow him to handle the paper work so to speak. ??
  7. bvkley

    Honest thoughts on Diaco?

    He was only hired b/c are AD at the time told the head coach that his DC. wouldn't be allowed back. And forced the hire of Diaco. He should have never been here.
  8. bvkley

    What if

    Helfrich would just be a hired gun. Year or 2 and he's a head man again. Might be better to keep who we have with qbs.
  9. bvkley

    Word is out on the street that Troy Walters

    I hear there is a former wideout coach still hanging around lincoln. Maybe he is looking to return?
  10. bvkley

    Oregon Band Uniforms

    I thought they where tacky. I didnt think they looked like a band uniform. That being said when I go watch the huskers play. I don't watch "the pride of all Nebraska" not a band guy
  11. bvkley


    Bowl season always pull for the conference. Makes it look better
  12. bvkley


    Out there on the edge a little but american horror storys. Its little twisted Supernatural has lots of seasons If your itching for football youtube will have about any game you want
  13. bvkley

    Rex Burkhead

    Rex skill set fits perfectly with what the Pat's do with there offense. A rb that can pass block then slip out to catch one. Going to new England is the best thing he could have done.
  14. bvkley

    Philanderous Payne

    Cant wait for a sack or a big stop. Crowd PAYYYYYYYYNEEEE!
  15. bvkley

    Isaac Gifford N

    Doesn't the letter of intent tie you to the school. Not sure how that part of it works
  16. bvkley

    Hunt and LeGrone news

    That is a very bad situation. There is no place for that kind of actions if true I hope they are punished more then just some probation. I want to know why she would put her self in a situation where she was uncomfortable b4 even going over there.
  17. bvkley

    Interesting 2020 ahead in College Football

    How many of those job openings will. Poach an existing Hc or give an assistant to be the big man. Always an interesting time of the year.
  18. bvkley

    The table finally turns next year

    I have stated this b4. Following coaches and other university based Twitter, awesome. Following the players ok , I can see it. Following recruits little odd. Digging threw players family twitter. Your borderline nut job. Not trying to be an a** but I just dont understand.
  19. bvkley

    Game Day!

    CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!!!!!!