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    Moos input on scheduling

    The Big Ten stated that they would try to protect as many cross-league trophy games as possible - and they did mostly by preserving the Little Brown Jug, Old Oaken Bucket, Old Brass Spittoon and Illibuck trophy games. They did not preserve the Governors Bell, which is a Minnesota/PSU trophy...
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    So if we're playing this game right...

    Actually the threshold is 5%. If greater than 5% of the team tests positive the team must stop regular practice and competition for a minimum of seven days and reassess metrics until improved...
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    Iowa rocks

    Cool story bro. Except it never happened.
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    We play both Ohio State and Penn State

    Playing NU at Ryan Field coming off a 3-9 season is not formidable. You also have a bye week before PSU at home.
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    We play both Ohio State and Penn State

    What six games are brutal? It looks like a typical Big Ten schedule to me. There are probably 10 Big Ten teams with an equally difficult stretch of games.
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    Steeles Preseason Top 25

    USC #11?
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    (Athlon) B1G Standings Predictions

    Losses on defense happen every year and it doesn't make much difference. There are 18 former Iowa defensive players in the NFL and yet we produce a top ranked defense every year. Iowa fans rarely worry about our defense. Iowa Scoring Defense, national rank, ppg 2019 #9 14ppg 2018 #11 17ppg...
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    (Athlon) B1G Standings Predictions

    Athlon's Preseason All Big Ten has 11 Hawkeyes listed. Only Ohio State and Michigan have more. Iowa's only question mark is at QB. A four star kid out of California that turned down a Nebraska offer to come to Iowa.
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    Team Ferentz about to get run?

    It is in fact 15 months salary. The actual agreement is public.
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    Team Ferentz about to get run?

    I wouldn't necessarily bet on that, but it's too early to tell. The only player we lost was his son. We have not lost any recruits from what is now the 11th best class in the nation. There have been no current or former players saying anyone should be fired. In a press conference last...
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    Team Ferentz about to get run?

    It payout is actually $2.3 million which includes 15 months salary and two payments of $550,000. In exchange he cannot sue the U of I. I'm surprised Iowa paid so much, but then we have not had to pay a former coach in 43 years.
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    Thoughts on Chinander

    ^^^^ this ^^^^^^ Y'all replaced the wrong coordinator.
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    Bad sign

    ^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Iowa has eight other recruits that UN offered and nobody cares.
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    Keegan Johnson

    Ouch. The 9th Iowa recruit to hold an offer from UNLLLLL.
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    Coaching news - northern Iowa

    A little education for you red people: NIU = Northern Illinois University - the actual name of the university UNI = University of Northern Iowa - the actual name of the university IU = Indiana University - the actual name of the university. I understand the buffoon PA announcer in Lincoln...
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    Coaching news - northern Iowa

    NIU? Do you mean University of Northern Iowa, UNI?
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    Iowa Basketball

    The GBRs have an inferiority complex and it's fully justified.
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    Epenesa going pro

    I'd guess the 28 former Hawkeye players in the NFL, both first round draft picks last year and both first round draft picks this year would disagree with you. How have those great UN recruiting classes done in the draft lately?
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    Huskers -3 @Purdue on Saturday

    Only two games left this season? If you don't beat Maryland, you won't beat Iowa.
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    powder puff schedule

    Can someone please translate this to English. I can't even read this. Captilization, punctuation, paragraphs. I hope the OP didn't actually graduate from kNowledge College