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  1. Smokinthereiff

    Name one stock to buy

  2. Smokinthereiff

    Would Frost survive four losing seasons?

    Isn’t there already a SF day/comic book? I say do the statue and road now show the same faith as the day/comic release.
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    Keegan Johnson

    For being a “great” program NE has far from dominated IA. The all time head to head since 1942 is 11-9 IA. To get a little more modern since 1979 is 8-7 NE Since BIG 6-3 IA I know NE likes to live in the past but the reality is we are no CO where we flucky every now and then. IA is and will...
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    Tiger King

    “If someone wanted a cat to eat you they’d pour sardine oil on you, I don’t know” - Carole Her husband on that leash during the wedding, lol And for real Joe was set up, just a loud overcompensating tool. Did he hate Carole, yes. But did he pay that dude who hated him from the jump to kill...
  5. Smokinthereiff

    Should Mo be kicked off the team?

    This guys a clown lol. Enjoy the wins and all this that comes with it. If SF was a man then word is bond. No grey. But it’s clear he’s not a man of his word and is about wins. Say whatever you want about SF as a coach(yet to be determined) he is not a man of his words. I have zero respect for...