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  1. H8FULLGR8

    Not good

    It was a well timed preemptive strike as I know you Iowa troll dbags would flock here in droves. I still believe the victims mom in the Iowa case. Shady stuff happened in IC. RollingLaugh
  2. H8FULLGR8

    Fong bomb!

    I forgot to add paranoid, these trolls are paranoid and mentally fragile. RollingLaugh
  3. H8FULLGR8

    Not good This type of thing happens to every team, at least one mother believes KF tried to sweep an assault under the rug, I tend to believe the mother of the...
  4. H8FULLGR8

    Fong bomb!

    Oh my these trolls are mentally fragile....makes sense though. RollingLaugh
  5. H8FULLGR8

    Will we have a season?

    Iowa fan: we Nebraska fans have conceded that Iowa has had a better football program from 2015-2019 and although Iowa has zero championship trophies to show for the golden age of Iowa football, it’s still been a decent run. Now, kindly go back to the husker board East and continue to pray that...
  6. H8FULLGR8

    Will we have a season?

    Good lord you iowa fans are the most pathetic losers. Collectively Iowa fans are the trash of college football. Why is the Fidone thread locked? Please open it again so we can contain the Iowa scum to one thread. Never has 5 successful seasons gone to a fan bases head more than 2015-2019 for...
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    Decent player, trash fan base. That is all. Laughing
  8. H8FULLGR8

    New Posters are....

    My favorites are the rookies who show up to let us know that Nebraska football is irrelevant. As fans of a blueblood football program it’s our cross to bear...RollingLaugh
  9. H8FULLGR8

    Epenesa going pro

    Message board Iowa fans are the biggest collection of absolute dipshits in college football....that is all. RollingLaugh
  10. H8FULLGR8

    Just now turned it to Sportscenter & George Kittle was bashing Nebraska

    The very least Iowa could’ve done in the past 4 seasons while beating Nebraska and to earn some respect is win a B1G championship and a major bowl game. They’ve won squat. The game against Nebraska is their fans super bowl and evidently Nebraska football owns head space in their players heads...
  11. H8FULLGR8

    Commit from Iowa

    Never have and never will understand Iowa fans obsession with Nebraska’s storied football history. It’s hilarious that they feel the need to tell us that “the 90s Nebraska dominance is never going to return!” That level of consistent dominance may never return, but that also means that Iowa...
  12. H8FULLGR8

    Sibling Rivalry NE/IA

    It’s interesting how Iowa fan can be so tame as a neighbor and so hostile on a message board. Decades of mediocrity I guess. Someone should commission a study.....I bet the brain scans of all KSU, Colorado and Iowa fans show the same degradation.
  13. H8FULLGR8

    Honestly, how do you think Neb will do?

    I have friends in low places that tell me I'm really missed over there.
  14. H8FULLGR8


    Colorado, KSU and Iowa fans all have some things in common, one of which is that their teams have terrible series records against Nebraska and a second is that their fans are desperate for us to recognize their teams meager accomplishments. At least Colorado has a legit claim to a NC in the last...
  15. H8FULLGR8


    What is it with fans of inferior programs always wanting to ride our jock? Sorry your team sucked for so many years, but no we don’t like you or respect your fandom. All these fans of teams who haven’t even made it out of the teens for total wins against Nebraska. Ridiculous.
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    Quite literally “gave” the game away last season. A good low penalty, 3 TD win would be nice. I was in Boulder in 2010 and had a great time, doubt I’ll make it this year. GBR.
  17. H8FULLGR8

    So few commits??

    Answer these questions and we’ll see if you qualify as a hawk troll: 1. How do you feel about Nebraska being a blueblood in college football? 2. Do you feel the Iowa football program has always been superior to the ISU football program? If yes, why? 3. Yes or no, prior to PSU joining the...
  18. H8FULLGR8

    So few commits??

    Having 19 commits with a Rivals point score of less than 1400 in June means Iowa will finish somewhere in the mid-30s to 40s when it counts.
  19. H8FULLGR8

    In 2018, Kirk Ferentz was the Worst Coach in the Power 5

    All decent honest fans are welcome. Maybe you’d like to take a stab and answer why most hawk fans feel compelled to denigrate the ISU program and fans and get bent out of shape when it happens to them from most husker fans? Iowa fans use the same reasoning against ISU that husker fans use...
  20. H8FULLGR8

    In 2018, Kirk Ferentz was the Worst Coach in the Power 5

    You’ll notice they never answer or try to explain why. The Iowa message board fan base is the most intellectually dishonest and hypocritical fan base in the B1G.