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    Building a house during a Pandemic

    And one of the current key options is a bidet or no bidet. Bathroom backside wash. Looking for a quick yes or no on the worth or necessity (or both). Further comment below would be appreciated for pro and cons.
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    Frost offense

    You should guess and wonder more before making your next post.
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    Frost is controlling the media and I don’t like it

    Lose Mills, and on the same day, “oh-so-happen” to have a D1 bruiser with speed from USC hit the Portal Road en route to Lincoln, NE and make BOTH public news. Kudos, Frost - we are watching.
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    Frost Postgame

    you lost me at “maybe the defense is a touch better” lol - “maybe”.
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    OT: proof that dogs are man's best friend

    Sorry to hear about your pending divorce. Agree; dogs are pretty cool. GBR - game night!
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    Strike three - and you’re out!

    Like most of the board I have wanted and wished for better results as I cheer on a team that I will continue to cheer on until I kick the proverbial bucket. The Nebraska Cornhusker Football Team means a great deal to myself and my family, like many of you and yours. With that being said, when...
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    OT - Pfizer Vaccine Officially Approved for EUA

    What’s worse. The vaccine or the rona? What’s worse. The vaccine or the rona? Asking for a friend.
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    How do baby boomers survive today

    My grandpa told me today that one of the most important decisions he makes these days is what kind of underwear he buys. He said what used to be a “rip” now turns into a ... you get the point. And the “landing spot” determines if he needs to shower, lay down, change his clothes, or all of the...
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    Sideline attire

    Sounds like you just rolled out of bed after a bender to post this hot garbage take.
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    Men of the Night’s Watch - what will you provide this Thanksgiving

    I have my heart’s arrow pointed at BBQ deviled eggs. Smoked pork belly centered in the egg white, topped with a yoke drizzle, as well as a sauced mayonnaise-mustard dill pickle slaw. I will claim victory on the day. GBR
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    Matt Vrzal is da Man!

    Schick and Nick
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    In the cold hard light of day....

    You posted that we weren’t going to win. Then we won. And now the goal posts move. Some are impossible to keep happy.
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    John J Rambo + Tuco Salamanca = HTO
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    WTF is up with that new goalline formation?

    Agree - then we will be able to criticize Scott on his IB play in addition to his coaching.
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    Quit crying about targeting

    Firstly, not in a malicious sense. A football sense. Secondly, instead, celebrate it. I for one and many others were just happy to see our team compete and HIT HARD again. Sucked to lose and lose the young men on the field, but I think we will get one bogus suspension overturned this week...
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    The wussification of our society is starting to bleed into our sports.

    I’m still pisssed we stopped wearing leather helmets.
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    Rex Burkhead

    the garlic butter and cheese bread though
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    THe New Big 8

    I didn’t know marijuana was legal in Nebraska (yet).
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    The Rock Officially Buys XFL

    Some say The Rock should run for President at some point, and he hasn’t declined. Sounds like a joke, but need I say more (only meaning that a celebrity could win and run our country - which hasn’t been impossible this last ‘go round). I think this would be a good practice run so to speak.
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    Best #8 in Husker history

    A “day early and a dollar ahead”? Gomes almost pick 6 in the rain at Missouri was one of my favorite plays, and also favorite games. Suh had a pick that night too, and Suh also broke Gabbert’s ankle on a rag doll sack. Oh that 09’ defense.