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  1. Blackshirt316

    Why doesn’t Nebraska play Notre Dame more?

    Nebraska used to play Notre Dame every year. Nebraska started beating them too often (including beating the 4 horsemen) so they quit playing us and started playing USC as it was an easier game. It's a nice game every once in a while but neither team gets a ton of recruiting from the other's...
  2. Blackshirt316

    Official Apology to Teddy Buckets

    He did get benched. He's been locked in and money since.
  3. Blackshirt316

    Lil Farniok

    He was likely not going to play much here. He might have been a backup center again but thats about it. I'm glad he's going to try to get playing time somewhere else, but I am surprised he went to Tulsa. They have a deep OL room. Maybe he has a shot to play there but I'm not sure.
  4. Blackshirt316

    Defense is NOT the problem.

    First you need to wake up and realize what decade we are in and understand that giving up 28 points per game is above average in this era of football. They also only gave up 21 of those points to Rutgers. As far as your 2nd point. We did that 3 times last season. Including against...
  5. Blackshirt316

    Defense is NOT the problem.

    We played 8 games this year. We held 6 of them under 28 points. If you can't win those games that isn't on the D. Especially when in those 6 games of the 3 we lost, in 2 of them the Defense gave the ball to the Offense at the end of the game with more than enough time to put together a game...
  6. Blackshirt316


    Losing a free win against Diaco made me sad. This makes up for it.
  7. Blackshirt316

    Give the Group of 5 conferences their own Championship

    When the BCS was formed the non power conferences were given 2 options. 1. Get their own division with it's own championship game... Or 2. Be a part of the BCS, getting no real championship opportunities but retain access to a share of the BCS revenue. They were given that same choice when...
  8. Blackshirt316

    How do baby boomers survive today

    This is the only acceptable answer.
  9. Blackshirt316

    dOSU vs. A&M

    Wouldn't shock me in the least if certain Business owners in Lincoln band together and sue the Big Ten.
  10. Blackshirt316

    Which Sr’s come back

    I'd take as many of the defensive players back as we can get. This defense isn't amazing but it's pretty solid and constantly improving. You put this defense with an actually functional offense next year and you will see a lot more wins and a decent mid tier bowl game.
  11. Blackshirt316


    Keep in mind, because this year isn't using any of the players eligibility clock, both the players and coaches are being a lot more liberal in deciding to not play with injuries they typically would be playing with in a normal season.
  12. Blackshirt316

    BB 1st Half Game Thread

    Our best rebounder is our PG. Our best available big is a 3 point shooting stretch 4. Our two best actual bigs are both out for at least a few weeks.
  13. Blackshirt316

    Staff Changes

    This is literally what Frost brought Lubick in for. Doesn't seem to be working.
  14. Blackshirt316

    Should Nebraska get rid of its trophy games?

    Contrived, Corporate inspired trophy games are pointless
  15. Blackshirt316

    Any info on the Illinois defense?

    From what they've shown so far, they are overall a worse defense than they were last year. With the loss of Betiku, Illinois has virtually no pass rush from their D-Line and they don't blitz much as they can't cover in the back end one on one. Their best best overall player on Defense by a...
  16. Blackshirt316

    OT: NFL Rooney Rule Update

    This is stupid. It actually does the opposite of what it wants to do - and what it wants to do is incredibly racist anyway. But for example, if I'm Houston or even the Jets, why the hell would I hire Eric Bienemy now? Even if he was my top candidate? All that does is give the Chiefs 3rd round...
  17. Blackshirt316

    What reporter would actually ask Frost

    Frost doesn't have a playcall sheet in his hands during the games and is frequently speaking to players and walking the sidelines during the times when the offense is on the field. Are we sure Lubick isn't already calling the plays this season?
  18. Blackshirt316

    Sipple says

    I guarantee, there are a lot of people, especially the older people who have been going to games for decades that are sitting at home on gameday due to Covid that are watching on TV wondering if it's worth it to go back to the stadium next season.
  19. Blackshirt316

    This McCaffrey kid for the Panthers

    I hope not, that would be weird.
  20. Blackshirt316

    Man in the Mirror

    I think Lubick is calling the plays? Frost doesn't even have a call-sheet. He's also constantly moving around talking to players when the offense is on the field more than I think he'd be doing if he was focusing on calling the offense, and is something he didn't do much at all last year.