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    Frost and Kelly

    And USC still has the cache with recruits no matter the coach(look at current rankings). Many like the UCLA Campus and area more but the setup of USC’s Campus with the Coliseum across the street is really cool
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    Word is out on the street that Troy Walters

    Chins is the main problem so don't get why fingers are getting pointed elsewhere
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    Willie Taggert

    classless of FSU to even put out this misinformation to their media contacts
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    Willie Taggart fired from FSU

    I think Lane would be a better hire than Norvell, he knows Florida and the South. Has experience at all levels and has been humbled. His playcalling reminds me of Sean McVay, he just has the talent gap at FAU. Norvell is doing the recency bias decision that has gotten other programs in trouble.
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    VERY HYPOTHETICAL: Frost or Urban

    there were all sort of crazy rumors coming out of Gainesville when Meyer was there
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    Anyone watching the UCF game?

    can we trade you guys Randy Shannon for Troy Walters?
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    Area codes off the helmets.

    interesting decision. I know players loved that
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    Four Husker football players cited for hosting disorderly party

    UCF has pretty good 'daylife'(big pool party scene) and the nightlife/house parties are good but FSU is on a different's like an oasis of Sin
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    If a player chooses a non traditional football school over NU does it matter?

    There are many factors in recruiting but I would bet UCLA is just an awesome place to go to school in general. If a recruit has the mindset 'would I love being a student here if I had a career ending injury my freshman year?' then UCLA(and USC) will win out vs a lot of contenders. I have been...
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    how long until the NFL is after Frosty boi?

    Scotch to the NFL, Milton to Germany for a miraculous surgery, he signs KZ as a free agent and goes on to win 5 Super Bowls.
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    Clemson or ND. Who ya got?

    and force ND to join a Conference
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    Nebraska and UCF bowls

    idk why there is this level of animosity by so many Nebraska fans on this board towards UCF. There should be pride in what SF helped rebuild. Is it because UCF didn’t immediately decline and drop a few games under Heupel(and might lead to long term success)? The shots at the schedule during the...
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    UCF class....

    yikes it was actually a good class, lot of Florida savages
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    McGriff is transfering

    put Penn State helmets on the UCF players while watching tape of UCF games and your opinion suddenly would be different. 4 players from last year's team are playing on Sundays.
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    this is a lie being spread by the ESPN biased SEC homers Adrian Killins called them out('the SEC has never seen speed like UCF' line) and there were articles( where several Auburn players said 'he woke them up' and they still lost
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    Bianchi: No doubt about it, Scott Frost regrets leaving UCF for Nebraska

    Frost is a winner but if UCF was a stock I would definitely take it over a good number of P5 Programs. 3 Top 10 teams under 3 different Coaches since 2013. Today will be tough without QB1
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    QB that Nebraska made a mistake on?

    Frost didn’t offer Purdy at UCF. That was a late offer by Heupel. He visited UCF, Iowa State, & Bama in those last few weeks before signing day
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    3-0 ECU over UCF early

    that ECU team also easily beat ACC North Carolina so at least mention that when trying to create a narrative. bc Northwestern & their pasty white linebackers is a juggernaut ....
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    3-0 ECU over UCF early

    life without Milton is scary but the Defense carried the team.
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    2nd HALF GAME THREAD!!!!!

    congrats on the win guys & lady husks