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    Roll call to Boulder

    Two from Montana arriving Friday afternoon. Going to Benders Sports Bar in Westminster Friday evening. to pre-celebrate our victory! HA HA GO BIG RED
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    Terrell Newby

    I was re-watching the game and on Tommie's QB draw early in the 3rd quarter, Newby made a great block that sprung Tommie for about a 24 yard gain. But Newby was visibly shaken up after making that block. I give him a lot of credit for sacrificing himself on that block. GBR!!!
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    Upcoming Commit?

    HTO, I really enjoy your insight into the program. I'm just curious, why did Love actually leave? Was it dissatisfaction with Els and Bo, or did he really just want to be closer to home? Thanks!
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    I like reading all husker chat boards

    It is simply amazing and disappointing to see the amount of vitriol on that forum. When their best friend Bo was fired, there were several posters who publicly said they hoped the Huskers would lose all of their games. How idiotic is that? Truly mind boggling how butt-hurt they are on that...
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    Kind of disappointed to see Farmer

    Welcome aboard Mr. Farmer!. Count me an one of many Husker fans who are eagerly looking forward to Tanner and the return of the Pipeline. Thank you for sending your son to Nebraska!