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  1. Merlin_

    Early Enrollee List

    10 kids, seems like a lot but no clue what's a normal amount with programs around the country.
  2. Merlin_

    Recruiting Kudos

    fixed it for you.
  3. Merlin_

    Betts signing on Friday

    just last week we'd lost both Betts & Manning in several posters' eyes
  4. Merlin_

    Betts Signing Tomorrow

    your offer is non-committable, sorry
  5. Merlin_

    Betts Signing Tomorrow

    how do you like them apples?
  6. Merlin_

    X's and O's thought

    Did we throw a single goalline fade last year? I remember Luke to Hickman against Maryland (incomplete), but outside of that, I don’t think that play was available to us. Pound the rock, toss it up to Manning if he’s singled. TD percentage in the red zone should improve dramatically.
  7. Merlin_

    Potential Offensive Skill Lineups

    Here’s hoping we see much less of Stoll/Allen and much more of Travis V at TE on passing downs
  8. Merlin_

    Big fan of early signing...

    Year Zero is real. Programs and ADs need to treat new hires accordingly, given this new reality. Seems Moos gets it better than most.
  9. Merlin_

    This should squash all the JD leaving talk...Updates

  10. Merlin_

    12 kids from SEC country

    plus 3 more from texas & oklahoma going into the belly of the beast and winning on the recruiting front. game 1 can't come soon enough!
  11. Merlin_

    Official early signing day thread

    6 from FL and counting.. exactly what we hoped for with Frost & staff
  12. Merlin_

    Francois N!!!!

  13. Merlin_

    Francois N!!!!

  14. Merlin_

    Official early signing day thread

    husker shirt under his button up BOOM!
  15. Merlin_

    Official early signing day thread

    Francois N!!!
  16. Merlin_

    Ty Hahn is N

    he's against the idea that just because a kid's from NE means he's got more to play for or will play harder at NU. I'm not so sure. tough to gauge either way. obviously we've had tons of out-of-state kids come here and become All-Americans and the best players in husker history. the more...
  17. Merlin_

    Ty Hahn is N

    took a visit to iowa in april.. good to keep these kids close to home!
  18. Merlin_

    Ty Hahn is N

    me too. it just means more. don't tell Tuco, though.