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    Nebraska BELONGS in the Big 12! Come Home !!

    Living in Fort Worth this would be absolutely amazing!
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    The Pole Vault is a great sport to watch!

    Pole Vault is my sons sport... He loves it... "For Multiple Reasons" LOL!!!
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    Only Iowa and Nebraska voted to play

    I'll say it... "Thank you Iowa for standing alone with us in wanting to play"
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    Siap: BIG schedule release at 7:45 am central

    Halloween Home Game against Pedo-State! I might have to get my Butt up to Lincoln from Texas for that one! Let's hope the networks are begging for ratings and make that a night game!
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    Hot Air Balloon in Omaha. Story?

    Hot Air balloons are not like planes in the sense that they cannot pick an airfield to land at... generally speaking they can be directed but are guided mostly by the winds that carry them. Hot Air Balloon pilots have aerial maps with approved landing spots listed on them. Not everyone is...
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    OT - Outdoor TV

    I live in Texas so heat and humidity as well... bought a Roku 4K TV for cheap from Costco. Been outside for 2.5 years now with no issues at all... it's exposed but under a roof and set back around 5' from the edge. My only recommendation is to get the strongest mount you can get and secure...
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    Tyson v Jones 9/12

    Last time I spent money on Tyson I was in college and lost my PPV money! Decided to hit the head last second so I could settle into what was supposed to be a big fight... 10 seconds later all I hear while mid stream are my buddies screaming NO WAY! there went that hard earned money which was a...
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    Dang, Ty Robinson

    While this is cool and honestly something I'd like to try, As a guy who has ripped off his bicep muscle it also makes me cringe thinking about that pain all over again! LOL!
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    OWH: What Held Says About His RB Room

    I've said it before many times... I really believe that Thompkins, If healthy, which it appears he is, is going to light things up in a B1G way!
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    OT: Man bun with shaved sides

    My Freshman son has decided to go the way of the mullet, albeit a floppy mullet... He competes in Pole Vault down here in Texas and his hair is constantly in his eyes while he's on a flight. He's about going to have to go the "man bun" route... sad as that is... If I know him though, he'll yank...
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    Should there be football in 2020?

    Yep! They just won another championship last year... this year looks like a reloading year but then again we thought that last year and pulled it off again... If there is no football season that'll be a tremendous blow to Aledo and all Texas schools in general
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    Should there be football in 2020?

    I live down here and that's the first I've heard of this... Our HS is the most dominant team in Texas... I'll do some checking
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    OT: Vitamin D

    Yes on the Vitamin D! In addition to supplements, your body creates Vitamin D when you're outside in the sun... spend some quality time outside soaking up the rays and your body will provide you with plenty of it!
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    One day I'm going to look back on this day

    Been there and done that! It's a truly beautiful sight! Gorgeous area!
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    What would your alternate schedule look like?

    I agree with this... now... if we could sprinkle in a "regional" game or two close to home from Manhattan, Lawrence or Ames... that would be pretty fun!
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    "Playing for iowa football was a living nightmare.."

    Right before the Colorado game all I heard about was the "pedophile" content coming out on the Buffs message boards regarding MW and how he shouldn't be starting for Nebraska and that NU is up to old tricks with guys like that... We knew the story and what he was trying to overcome but it wasn't...
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    Any concerns about the game scheduled in Dublin next year

    Dublin would be cool but it's that game in Norman I'm saving my pennies for! That better still be a GO!
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    "Playing for iowa football was a living nightmare.."

    I guess I was talking about the BIG as a whole not just Iowa but since you narrowed it down... I'd rather NU pulverize Iowa as a "Good Team" than just skate by... I hate Iowa with a passion but I do want them good so when we get back to a level of dominance and destroy them it's that much sweeter...
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    "Playing for iowa football was a living nightmare.."

    As I read many comments in here I'm always shocked to see how many of you wish to see subpar results from the other teams in the BIG. Whatever happened to holding NU to a higher standard? We all bitch about the attention the SEC gets but isn't that what we should want? to be the best in the...
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    Ronald Thompkins

    Whoops! Yep, I screwed up, I was doing a search in twitter and this came up under his name and I jumped the gun... my apologies