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    Opening with Ohio State

    As an OSU fan, let me address some of the "unknowns". No there are not 3 first round draft picks on this years' defense. Shawn Wade is a first round pick. He is also the only returning starter in our secondary. You don't replace a Chase Young. We have an experienced linebacking group coming...
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    OSU & NU

    OSU facing a revenue loss of $130.3M without football this fall, which includes $80-85M in ticket sales.
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    Name one stock to buy

    Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN). Speculative play but FDA approval in October 2020 of its microneedle patch to treat migraine headaches could be a game changer.
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    Name one stock to buy

    LPTH. Currently trades in the $3 range, (up from a low of 55 cents in December 2019). Believe it will hit $5 in 2021.
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    Top teams to NOT win a National Championship

    The 1969 OSU team. Outscored opponents 371-69 in the first 8 games of the season. The closest margin of victory was 27 points. Then the unexpected happened - the 24-12 loss to Michigan.
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    Urban Freaking Meyer recruited the first 3 picks

    You're more than welcome on our board to tell us about the Nebraska program. My point is Day has picked up where Urban left off. There has been no drop off in recruiting.
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    Urban Freaking Meyer recruited the first 3 picks

    Our (OSU) 2021 class could be better than the 2017 class Urban recruited (Young, Okudah, Dobbins, Myers, Davis etc,) We'll see how they develop and perform on the field.
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    IF you could have been at ONE event..

    Ali-Frazier I 1971 :Fight of the Century" at Madison Square Garden Miracle on Ice 1980 U.S vs Soviet Union, Lake Placid N.Y.
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    2020 college football season reportedly could be played in spring 2021

    If this scenario plays out, you have to think all projected first round picks and others would skip the season and just wait for the NFL draft. Why risk injury so close to the draft. I don't think the NFL would delay the draft to accommodate the college season. NFL OTAs would probably still...
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    Mike DeWine

    Living in Columbus, DeWine did the right thing. The primary has tentatively been rescheduled to June 2 pending approval by the Ohio House and Senate. FYI, many of the poll workers cancelled working in the days leading up to the primary for fear of the COVID-19 virus. DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton...
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    OU RB Trey Sermon Enters Portal

    OSU will be a major player here.
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    If you are an Ohio State or Michigan fan, do you…

    FYI, OSU has reached a settlement in 11 of the 18 lawsuits. The settlement amounts were not disclosed.
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    If you are an Ohio State or Michigan fan, do you…

    As an OSU fan, I would vote for #1. Living in Columbus, I know the Ohio House and Senate feel OSU is dragging their feet in coming up with some type of settlement with the victims. Both parties (OSU and attorneys for the plaintiffs) were in mediation to resolve the issue but no resolution has...
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    BREAKING: New NCAA Rule Passed

    Should have 0 impact on the game, unless the player wearing the number is really good.
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    Live look at Joe Burrows combine measurements...

    The only short hands Cincy has is Mike Brown when he goes into pockets to pay players.
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    2 Ohio State football players suspended

    Both players have been dismissed from the team.
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    So far no Fickell for MSU...

    I think Luke knows other jobs will be available after next season that may be comparable or better than MSU. If he continues his success at Cincy those opportunities will be there.
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    OT: Greatest NFL Player of all time

    If someone wants to make a case for a QB as the NFL's greatest player of all-time fine, but don't put any running back ahead of Jim Brown. He led the league in rushing 8 times in a 9 year NFL career. His 104 yards per game rushing average is the highest in NFL history and his 5.2 yards per carry...
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    OT: Greatest NFL Player of all time

    Jim Brown and it's not even close. He could have played tight end, linebacker, rush end and still been one of the all-time greats. He was 6-2, 230 and ran a 4.5 forty back in the late 50s-mid 60s.