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  1. jurgy

    I Hope Everybody Made It To At Least One Game

    I guess if you live long enough. You see it all. Going to be a weird year with no spring baseball. Sad.☹⚾️
  2. jurgy

    06 Mar 2020 Game 10: Columbia at Nebraseball - NU wins 5-3

    First game home opener. Got to love it!
  3. jurgy

    16 May 2019 Game 46: Michigan at Nebraseball (NU wins 5-2)

    Big games this weekend. Baseball weather! Let's Go Big Red!
  4. jurgy

    Friday game canceled

    No double header Saturday. Just 2 games.
  5. jurgy

    RIP Augie

    Lots of good memorys. Remember mooning the Texas bus one game while socializing with 10 to 15 Huskers fans in the north parking lot. We had young and old all with the full moon to Augie. What fun. Thanks Augie⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️. Long time ago!
  6. jurgy

    08 March: Cal Poly (5-7;RPI#187) at Nebraseball (6-5;RPI#85;J:Red/P:Wh/H:Red) - Cal Poly wins 14-8

    Just got home from the game. Was hard to watch the whole lonnng thing. Hope we come out tomorrow a lot! more focused.
  7. jurgy

    Ticket info @ Wichita St

    Roger and I R going to try and go Saturday. Heck of a road trip. Can hardly wait . GBR!
  8. jurgy

    Friday: Nebraska vs. UC Riverside (Huskers win 8-3)

    Can hardly wait! & I got my tickets today! Woo Hoo! GBR⚾️
  9. jurgy

    less then 2 months

    I've had to head into Lincoln a few times this last month. The base ball field is still looking pretty green from the interstate. Les than 2 months till the opener. How long before that do they usually start practice? Already getting excited! GBR and Merry Christmas to all.
  10. jurgy

    What the heck!

    Got on board to see some updates! None ! This is where I go for up dates. Anyway LSU 6 Oregon St 1. Holy Cow!
  11. jurgy

    Possible Starting Pitcher Friday

    I say Burkamper Friday. Meyers Saturday. Hohensee. I bet Meyers would love too pitch to those guys again. Isn't that his only loss?
  12. jurgy

    Big Ten Baseball Tourney - Game 3 #1 Nebraska vs. #8 Purdue (Huskers win 15-9)

    Yeah Big Red. Way to stay the course!