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  1. dochay

    Larry Frost

    Thoughts and prayers to the Frost family.
  2. dochay

    Hot Mic Alert! NU President Caught Saying B1G Announcement Coming Tonight

    As does Creighton basketball. 🤢
  3. dochay

    B1G is a conference of scared wimps - Sipple

    Truncated... Yes. Meaningless and in late November? No.
  4. dochay

    B1G is a conference of scared wimps - Sipple

    Who wants to watch a truncated season meaning nothing that starts in November?
  5. dochay

    Joseph is N!!!

    That is great! Hadn't heard that and still though it was all doom and gloom. Thanks for the update.
  6. dochay

    Joseph is N!!!

    Isn't Newsome out with a bad injury? Or was that someone else?
  7. dochay

    JD Spielman

    JD played hard, took some big hits and bounced right up so bashing him as weak/soft/ not tough is silly. He has some issues that he is owning up to, he's gotta do right by JD. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery when your head isn't right. Good luck to him and I will be happy if he...
  8. dochay

    Polar Bear

  9. dochay

    OT: Firehouse subs

    Kleit...It seems that not liking Nebraska food is one thing. Writing a million words why any food anywhere is better than Nebraskas' is kinda pathological. I dare say that if you could have your absolutely favorite meal in Omaha you would hate that too... Derhusker... I would like to make a...
  10. dochay

    Spielman Oregon State Helmet

    Everyone is 50/50. They either make it or they don't.
  11. dochay

    Texan shout out to us Nebraskans.

    Had a guy come up to me and say he was from some South Texas town and they had flooding "awhile back". He said people came down to help but "you Nebraska boys "got there first, worked hardest and longest, left last". Said he has nothing but respect for us from " up there" and left .
  12. dochay

    Keegan Johnson

    Just two years ago we were an injury away from having two 1000 yard recievers... The opportunities are there for wide recievers.
  13. dochay

    Best innapropriate lines in movies.

    Vacation was on and still laugh about "Everyone French kisses".... "yeah but daddy says I do it best.". Right up there with "I haven't been f@$&Ed like that since grade school!".
  14. dochay

    Hoiskers @ Rutgers

    Just impossible to even watch an NU basketball. Two completely different sets or rules enforced by refs. Nu drives and the defender bodies him off his path and then checks him on the shot; no call. Rutgers guy gets breathed on; foul.
  15. dochay

    “I’m Jovan Dewitt.. I’m a Tarheel”

    Tosh Lupoi come on down...
  16. dochay

    Ok. Ill call it like it is.

    *Redshirt Freshman everyone has a boner for...
  17. dochay

    Coaches meeting Maurice Washinton today?

    I would say Bradley,Rafdal, Walker, Mcquitty and or Alston.
  18. dochay

    The 2018 class.

    Keep reading people say the transition class was bad but I just don't see it. There are 7 solid contributors coming back next year in Taylor, Tannor, Jurgens, Martinez, Pickering, Honas and Clark. Williams was a starter before going down. Washington did some good things and if he puts it...
  19. dochay

    RIP Hayden Fry

    R.I.P. coach.