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    Medical bio chip to detect covid-19 etc

    thanks for letting us know. we have all been waiting to hear what you would do.
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    OT:Jake Gardner found

    there always is. but some people are so politically and socially oriented they only see what they want to see. they are unable to see anything else. Every word every action every reaction is motivated by political or social intentions. its sad. its sociopathic behavior. basically...
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    Fox Sorts Radio

    ?? the teams in the SEC EAST dont bitch and moan every year even though they play in the toughest division in college fb EVERY YEAR. If you need a soft schedule to convince people you are good then you are just a paper tiger
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    Moos input on scheduling

    wait we just want to play football anytime anywhere against anyone. Now we're whining because of who we play? if we weren't whiners before we are now.
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    rich white people living together never notice racism. how would a white person on a white farm or in a white suburb notice racism? Trump has never seen racism because he is rich and lives with other rich white people. if you want to know what you DONT KNOW then go spend time where you dont...
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    who said racism was limited to the USA?
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    your choice is to be ignorant. just because a white person is in poverty and a black person is rich does not prove there is not white privilege. take out the color if you want but it is not debatable that kids of rich people have a higher probability of being rich than kids of poor people. where...
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    the least racist nation can still be very racist
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    how can neb have the toughest schedule when they play in the easiest division? the west is not good
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    Hot Mic Alert! NU President Caught Saying B1G Announcement Coming Tonight

    nebraska has no identity other than football. the school has no identity or brand outside of football. the fans have no passion for anything related to nebraska other than football. its the most desperate situation in college fb
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    Good job Duke...

    spoken by a true racist. thats the definition of racism
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    How pissed are you when this is over on Nov 4?

    we have riots with republicans already. how will it be different with dems?
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    1st crack in the wall . . . Baker Mayfield won't bend the knee

    you have to be of lower intelligence. you dont think baker talked at length on many occasions with his entire team about what he was doing and why? you know nothing. these guys are smarter than you. act like it
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    Good job Duke...

    a higher minimum wage might be a start. if you work then you can have enough that those other things are too counterproductive to engage in. thats why you dont do them. make sure most people dont have a reason to do them and they won't. there is nothing different about most poor people from most...
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    Good job Duke...

    your on a roll. totally agree. the problem is not the athletes. the problem is the fans. some of the fans are so politically driven they are incapable of watching a game because of a decal on a helmet. wow i do hope some fans turn it off and go away. so those of us who just want to talk about...
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    Good job Duke...

    agreed. they are teenagers playing a game. they have a decal on their uniform. and some of you want to shit your pants over them? why does it matter. if you dont like their uniform then dont watch. if you dont respect their opinion dont watch. if you can't stop thinking about it the whole game...
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    Lift Every Voice and Sing.

    i think you know the answer to this one. it does go both ways. But if you are trying to compare the effects of the two have to be kidding right? there is nothing that can compare what racism has done to black people. why are you scared?
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    Lift Every Voice and Sing.

    i can. because i believe black lives matter. and thats what i believe the patches and shirts represent. you choose to want to believe that BLM means an organization. millions and millions dont think BLM is an organization it is a belief. stop thinking of the letters BLM meaning a very small...
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    Years from now when your children/grand-children ask you what happened to the 2020 season

    for a bunch of people who dont want players to mix politics and sports you people sure love mixing politics with sports. you can do it and its ok. they do it and its not ok. lets be honest. you dont like it when players do it because they are not on your side of the politics.
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    How pissed are you when this is over on Nov 4?

    im no expert but the people who make up most of the country can't figure out why montana and wyoming count more than they do. you can turn this around both ways. it is a good question. why do some peoples votes count more than others. im not arguing one way or another just asking what is a...