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    Best of luck Husker Nation

    Thanks, and thanks for making this game nationally relevant. We'll try to hold up our part better next year. Hope we have a injury free game, clean play, good officiating, and I really really hope the Huskers take care of the ball.
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    Hello Huskers!!! Question for ya....

    We lose a lot of the OL, but other than that not too much. I think we'll be in good shape on the interior OL with who we have coming back but we don't have many natural tackles on the roster. DT Maliek Collins very likely leaves for the NFL but we're deep at DT next year. Bit thin at DE again...
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    Iowa's "make believe" 1958 National Championship

    Maybe the most unbiased look at 1997 would be the computer polls. And they give it to Nebraska in 1997 in a landslide. Michigan actually finishes 3d by the computer analysis. Michigan had a chance to win an unshared title, but they squeaked out a win over a Washington State team when the clock...
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    Reality check....that I never really thought of.

    We could claim a number of additional national championships if we wanted to. The "National Championship Foundation" gave us the title in 1981. Several organizations gave us the title in 1983 and 1984, just as examples. We don't claim those titles. Some schools do, especially titles from the...
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    Looking at the 2 deep for Iowa game....

    Tommy is 62nd in passing efficiency, which won't get it done if Langsdorf wants to run his usual offense. He throws too many interceptions. He's the best QB we have, and I expect that to be true in 2016, but he does need to improve. Good leader, good runner, adequate completion percentage, too...
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    Looking at the 2 deep for Iowa game....

    DT for next year we have Valentine (low odds he declares), Maurice, Williams, Stoltenberg, Newell, K. Davis, C. Davis, and walk-on Rath. When did we last have that kind of depth at DT--maybe 2005, maybe?
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    I'm curious, is it possible for an opposing fan to not be blocked here?

    Come here to talk football, players strengths/weaknesses or X's and O's and you'll be fine. A number of opposing fans are welcome, recurring posters. Come here to troll, or talk smack, and a few people in your fan base have really scorched the earth here. Mod patience has worn thin. Say that...
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    Wilbon out

    I wouldn't be surprised to see one of Wilbon and Taylor leave, based on no insider information. Just based on what usually happens when players get so little playing time. Some rumblings that Wilbon had some off-field issues this year but also that he's cleared a lot of that up.
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    Looking at the 2 deep for Iowa game....

    I'm counting Collins as gone, but don't forget Kevin Williams is back for another senior year, and Stoltenberg, Newell, C. Davis, and K. Davis have had a year of practice at DT. Not at all worried about DT for 2016. DE with McMullen and Akinmoladun then Dzuris wouldn't be a bad start, but it's...
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    dez fitzpatrick decomitsfrom louisville

    Me personally, I'll get excited as soon as he commits, then more so when he signs. Could he be a bust? Sure. If we sign Grim, Spielman, and Fitzpatrick the odds are really good that at least one of the three has no impact as a Husker. It's a bit of a numbers game. The more elite athletes with...
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    Where is Burkhead?

    Just got a catch He has one carry on the year--and he fumbled. Needs a chance, but he's behind Bernard and Hill and those two just have never gotten hurt.
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    dez fitzpatrick decomitsfrom louisville

    Right now, between freshmen, redshirt freshmen, and sophomores for scholarship wideouts we have Alston, Morgan, and Pierson-El. Love our upper class receivers, and super optimistic about those three but we do need to restock a bit in this class for future depth. Almost certainly taking at...
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    dez fitzpatrick decomitsfrom louisville

    Good news for us, he sounded like he came really close to flipping after his visit. Good film, good offer list, nice size to balance the small and medium-sized WRs we have committed so far. Hope it happens. Our WR class would be really good with those three and we're probably not done there.
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    Statistical comparison of Iowa and Nebraska

    Go -5 on turnovers and repeatedly give the other team good field position--possible to lose to anybody. Including Purdue, we discovered. Nebraska had a stretch this year where every game we discovered a different and frustrating way to lose.
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    Do you think we can win a ground and pound game?

    The two teams are really close if it turns into a pure rushing game. Iowa is 37th in the country in rushing yards per carry. We're 40th. Iowa is 18th in rushing yards allowed per carry. We're 24th. Not a big difference, and I think home field is enough to make up for it. (Iowa has a lot more...
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    Statistical comparison of Iowa and Nebraska

    I'm not sure it's predictive, but it's interesting, I thought. Good luck against Purdue this weekend. Unless you do something completely out of character and turn the ball over repeatedly like we did, I doubt you'll need the luck.
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    Banker visiting 2 JC's this week

    I don't disagree with that at all. Gates and Knevel look very good for next year. Some reports that Gaylord is playing well. If Gates or Knevel gets hurt, who else do we have at OT beyond those three?
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    Banker visiting 2 JC's this week

    Never seems like an overstatement when we've had JC transfers starting for us at OT at least twice in the last decade, Carl Nicks and Yoshi Hardrick. JUCO linemen in general have been hit-and-miss and I would definitely say if they can't be here for spring then don't bother. Even our best JC...
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    Statistical comparison of Iowa and Nebraska

    Really? You go to another fans' message board, complain that too many threads are getting closed and people are being "insta-banned" then you immediately launch off with "Nebby is not good at anything anymore"?. I've learned a couple things in this thread. Iowa fans enjoy trolling other...
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    Derrion Grim's Season - WOW

    And it's not just Rivals. 247 has him as the #118 WR in the country, so there has to be some reason. He's not playing top-level competition, but those are quite literally video game numbers he put up. I'm skeptical that there are 100 better receivers out there. Whatever. Glad he's a Husker.