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    9/11 tribute thread... never forget

    Really proud that we turned a remember 9-11 post to another political thread in just 3 posts.:rolleyes:
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    OT Poll: Peyronies Disorder

    I’m just not sure this the kind of question one Dude asks another Dude.
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    23 Feb 2020 Game 6: Nebraseball vs. Arizona in San Diego - Arizona wins 3-2

    Ugggh. 2d and 3d 1 to get at least one there
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    Florio's comments about Mahomes??

    No doubt. I am a longtime Chiefs fan and I fully expect the 49ers to try and hit Mahomes—that’s part of the game. My problem is Florio advocates for hitting Mahomes outside the rules with illegal hits in an effort to injure a player. No one should advocate for that and I would hope no player...
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    Florio's comments about Mahomes??

    Best part of Florio’s quote was suggesting they do it inside the 5 yard line because then it would only cost SF 2 yards. So this wasn’t some off the cuff moment of stupid...this was calculated stupidity. Let’s try and put the most exciting player in the league out of the game because he’s good...
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    Chiefs pulling a Ravens..

    Big props to Andy Reid today. They were as bad as bad gets in the first quarter and they are down 24 - 0 with nothing going right. But he settled his team down, got a play, then another, and another and just kicked hell out of Houston. Great job.
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    Chiefs pulling a Ravens..

    Looks like the Chiefs are ready to play now. And Houston is panicking
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    Air Force triple option

    That’s awesome! Suspect he’ll get a chance to move to the Space Force in the next year as we look to move folks to the new service. Very exciting times to be in a military space related field. Lots of opportunities for him. Good luck to him!
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    OT: Ford F-150 vs Dodge Ram 1500

    Have a 2016 Ram and its become our kid hauler. Wife has a Pilot but we find that there is plenty of room in the Ram and better mileage than the Pilot too
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    Top 4? LSU jumped OSU.. Make your picks..

    Ohio State gets the 1 seed. Next three pretty obvious, LSU, Clemson, OU. Should be some quality football
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    Nebraska - Creighton basketball

    Well that got out of hand quickly.
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    Brined and smoked.
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    Roll Call for Maryland game

    I will be there! Crabcakes and football...I hear that’s what Maryland does. We’ll see.
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    Season Ticket holders....

    Season tickets for 20 years...
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    Popeyes chicken sandwich

    Try it with a partner...
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    2nd half BB thread

    On to baseball?
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    Chiefs at Broncos

    NFL just got WAY less interesting if Mahomes is out for any length of time.
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    There are moral victories

    It was a joke...two in fact. And they were hilarious.
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    There are moral victories

    Ha! Ohio State has foolishly spent all 3 of their timeouts while we’ve kept all of ours! We can redeem those Monday for an ice cream. But we can’t have sprinkles. Sprinkles are for winners.
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    Harbaugh....Saban money....Pellini results.