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    The bias of the coasts

    Another post i have to 100% agree with, except in my time it was referred to as "pizza box" medal. Being a city boy i had very little weapons training so i didnt have to re learn or fight bad habits so expert was easy to achieve. We always made fun of Army when they would come on base, you...
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    The bias of the coasts

    I have never lived in Florida for any extended period but having lived in SoCal i 100% can say "Yuuuuuuuuuuuuup" to the entire post you made! I feel the exact same way.
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    The CFP should go to eight.

    Should have started with 8. I root for chaos every year, would love to see 3 P5's left out of the CFP and force the hand.
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    Reading between the lines

    Spoken like a true iowa fan
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    Ozigbo Tweet

    Paste the screenshot in paint then go to imgur and upload it grab the share link and put it in tags
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    What happens on Friday?

    This has already been answered, cant remember if it was a radio show or article with a person within the administration. basically the rules dont apply equally to every position and Football trumps everything was the jist of the conversation. it has been done before without ever being posted...
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    Scott Frost is the next head football coach at Nebraska

    I think we need more of them! Are you nuts? Cant get enough unsubstantiated claims in one day! NEED MOAR!!!!
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    Scott Frost is the next head football coach at Nebraska

    Woa, Mind blown! Who is this Frost guy you are informing us about. Can we get a bit of a background on him? what are his achievements? Ive never heard of him. I heard it was going to be TwoBuck Chuck from Dreary Lane
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    What happens on Friday?

    Only way anything happens Friday is if MR announces a mutual separation or retirement, otherwise look for a press release on saturday and pressconference some time mid day
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    Iowa rivalry

    Sounds like a personal problem if you ask me.
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    Iowa rivalry

    I personally think having wiscy as the last game of the season would make a huge difference in the west division. Not only that but i think it would give the players the extra mental push if we are on a roll heading into that game knowing that is what we need to do. With mike riley obviously...
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    UCF fans similar to Iowa fans

    NO! You are wrong, they are closer to Misery always has been, and How Boise St used to be before reality sunk in.
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    OT: cutting the cord, continued

    Watch ESPN PS Vue is available. PS Vue can sign in for any channel that you subscribe to that has its standalone app version. FoxSportsgo, BTN2GO, ESPN, etc etc etc havent ran into any you cant. What devices are you planning to use? Cheapest quality bang for buck is Fire TV Android TV's are...
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    Reason Moos is stalling

    Is it just me, or is it getting frosty up in here?
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    After reading this, I'm not so sure Frost doesn't stay at CFU

    Clearly this is the deciding article that will sway frost one way or the other, surely his mind is so malleable to make a HUGE decision based on a well written article playing devils advocate. We have heard enough fluff pieces of why he should/would come here. Putting the decision into Reality...
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    Frost to Florida

    You realize your accusation of me makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. In what way have i demonstrated on a consistent basis, that i am any sort of conspiracy nut job as you proclaim? Because, your posting tendencies (posting exact same thing in multiple/all threads via copy and paste) and...
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    Frost to Florida

    So, if Frost doesnt come to nebraska, will this be your new excuse? Will your excuse remain the same and you will blame the AD/Admin if frost doesnt WANT to come here
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    Frost to Florida

    You get tired of your alt account?