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  1. giocatore83

    Got a Traeger - Brisket Recipe Needed

    Thanks all! I appreciate it.
  2. giocatore83

    Got a Traeger - Brisket Recipe Needed

    @DerHusker any advice?
  3. giocatore83

    Got a Traeger - Brisket Recipe Needed

    Hey all. Anyone got a foolproof recipe for a run and smoking a brisket on a traeger(I have the pro 34)? Just got one and my wife really wants a brisket, but I am 100% a novice. Appreciate any help/advice!
  4. giocatore83

    Stimulus checks?

    This is what I am getting. Know we qualify based on 2018 AGI....
  5. giocatore83

    Stimulus checks?

    Havent gotten either...
  6. giocatore83

    Chiefs at Broncos

    Let's go Broncos!!
  7. giocatore83

    NCAA Tournament

    5 game parlay straight up, but yes, had a nice sweat going.
  8. giocatore83

    NCAA Tournament

    I wanted Duke to win due to having money on it, but Zion should have been called for a charge and Barrett definitely pushed the guy in the back for that last rebound.
  9. giocatore83

    OT: Bomb Cyclone

    Welp, not too bad in my opinion, but my dog would run out about 10 feet and come back in. She snuck away at one point and left a nice present for us at the base of the stairs.
  10. giocatore83

    (OT) Any good street pothole stories?

    Had a friend who drove an old truck (maybe late 80s) and he was driving on saddlecreek under dodge and hit a pothole and his tailgate fell off. Not surprisingly, knowing him, he just let it go and drove away
  11. giocatore83


    Too true. I need to change schools and be the scienceguy of CO... we don’t even have a football team, just decent 3a basketball. P.S. Valor is too far for me. Cherry Creek is my best option.
  12. giocatore83

    Honest question. Would Iowa fan prefer Scott Frost or Kirk Ferentz as their HC?

    Most programs would prefer a few ups, like championships...
  13. giocatore83

    OT: I'm a new dad!

    congrats to you too!
  14. giocatore83

    OT: I'm a new dad!

    congrats to you as well!
  15. giocatore83

    OT: I'm a new dad!

    Little lady came on 12/22 and is beautiful! Just thought I'd brag a bit to my internet husker friends!
  16. giocatore83

    My Thoughts on New FBS Schedule/Playoff Format

    Don't roast me, pretty bored tonight since it is the first night in a while that I did not bring work home... 10 game regular season - 9 league games - 1 non-conference games - Power 5 conferences to be matched based on strength of record from previous year/numbers...
  17. giocatore83

    What is your last Husker related google or social media search?

    Tre'vell Dixon. Not sure how my brain got there.
  18. giocatore83

    Justin McGriff to OLB

    If you don't see the fluidity in those dance moves, I don't know what else to tell you...
  19. giocatore83

    Stanley Over 1k!

    With 81 so far, that takes him over 1,000 for the season!
  20. giocatore83

    I'M BACK & I relapsed a little. Edited 11-30-18, 2:58 pm

    Great to see you! Welcome home.